Be Vigilant of COVID-19 Misinformation About Restroom Products


In a world with easy access to the internet and growing social media platforms, it appears some of the information making it’s way to newsfeeds has some misconceptions.

Misinformation about COVID-19 can be especially harmful to more than just an individual, as one person can infect many without realizing they even have the virus. This misinformation can even harm the way we interact with everyday products. Remember, wearing a mask and washing your hands are an essential task to prevent COVID-19. It’s also beneficial against the flu, the common cold, bacterial infections, and other harmful viruses.

Hand dryers conclusively do not spread germs. The majority of XLERATOR hand dryers have a HEPA filter in place to create another level of security and peace of mind. Excel Dryer’s HEPA filter is the only one on the market that removes 99.999% of viruses from the airstream.

These results are based on testing performed by LMS Technologies in April, 2020 and this is no small achievement. No other hand dryer on the market that houses a HEPA filter has met this standard. Thus, proving that Excel Dryer continues to be the industry leader.

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