New Site Feature: Easily Upload Your Toilet Partition and Locker Drawings

Company Update

Newton Distributing Company is currently in the process of launching a new website to better suit our client’s needs. In the interim, Newton Distributing has updated their product quoting pages to ensure our clients have an easier time to get the pricing they need. Our toilet partitions and locker pages now have an easy to use online form that gives you the power to upload your specs or drawings through the page.

Newton strives to provide the best customer service in the industry.
We do not have an automated phone system, we are real people serving people. So call 877-837-7745 to speak with a real person and get the best pricing on your next washroom or locker project.

The New Toilet Partitions Landing Page

We encourage our customers to call us directly at 877-837-7745 so we can give the best quantity pricing on the market. Bathroom stalls are unique to your restroom layout and need proper measurements to ensure everything is ordered properly. This may sound intimidating, but the process is fairly simple when you call in and have one of our experts walk you through the steps. Once again, Newton leads the industry with experts who take your call seriously. Each of our experts take their time to understand you and your project, ensuring the best customer service and accurate drawings.

If you are in a rush and need to send your specs or drawings over quickly, then visiting our toilet partitions landing page is your best move! Click here to visit the page and upload your drawings now, simply click the “Send Us Layouts for Quote” button.  Simply provide the necessary details and upload your drawings and they will automatically be forwarded to one of our toilet partition experts.

The New Custom Locker Quoting Page

Lockers are an essential part of your school, gym, or office project. Newton Distributing offers all brands and materials available on the market enabling us to provide a custom quote for your specific requirements. This is something we take pride in, real people serving people, which enables us to help you draw out the proper layouts and get quotes over to you quickly. Once again, due to the custom nature of ordering lockers, it always speeds up the process to call us directly at 877-837-7745.

Same principle as the toilet partitions page, if you need to send your drawings quickly, then visit the lockers quoting page here. Simply click the “Send Us Layouts for Quote” button and upload your drawings and specs, then hit Send. Those drawings will go directly to one of our locker quoting experts.

It Bears Repeating

We do not have an automated phone system, we are real people serving people. Call 877-837-7745 and hear for yourself!

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