Sloan – EBV-500-A / EBV-550A – Side Mount Retrofit Flush Valves


Sloan Valve Model #3325500
EBV-500-A Optima Plus SFSM – Single Flush Side-Mount for Water Closets and Urinals
Sloan Valve Model #3325501
EBV-550-A Optima Plus DFSM – Dual-Flush Side-Mount for Water Closets
The new Sloan Valve EBV-500-A offers a sleek design that can retrofit any old school flushometer into a modern automatic flush valve. Your customers will no doubt appreciate the beautiful design and look you provide in your high traffic, commercial restroom. These high quality flush valve retrofit kits fight vandalism while offering an easy automatic use and a manual flush alternative.
Sloan Valve EBF-550-A offers a dual flush option for toilets. This means that you can choose the single flush for urine and the larger flush for flushable material.
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