Why Your Toilet Partitions Matter

Why Your Toilet Partitions Matter

You spend countless hours working hard to perfect the performance and appearance of your business. Your employees are well trained and hard-working, and your storefront is flawless. But what about your bathrooms? While they are not directly contributing to your bottom line, bathrooms should not be overlooked by any business owner.

In a recent study by CleanLink, 70% of responders reported that they recently had a negative experience in a businesses’ bathroom. What’s even more troubling is that most report that this reflects poorly on the ownership and performance of the overall business. Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider remodeling your toilet partitions.

Customer Retention

Customers who have negative interactions with your company are less inclined to re-engage with your brand. If your bathroom is in disarray for your customers, this will have a negative impact on how your customer regard your business. However, if your bathroom fosters an aesthetically pleasing, clean environment, customers will be more apt to re-engage with your business in the future.


As a business owner, you know every aspect of your business tells a story to your customers about your brand. You pay close attention to how your storefront and employees support your brand, so why stop at your bathroom? New bathroom partitions can be a powerful tool to tell your employees and customers about who you are as a company. Think about it, if you are a high-class restaurant, shouldn’t you have a high-class bathroom to complete the story of your brand?

Cleanliness And Durability

Many new partitions are created to be long-lasting, and remain clean. You can now shop from a variety of materials that will help you maintain a clean bathroom for your customers. For example, Color-Thru phenolic materials prevent graffiti and scratching, dissuading potential vandals from marking up your bathroom partitions.

Tell Your Customers You Care

Nothing tells your customers you care about their every experience like a beautiful bathroom. New bathroom partitions add a breath of freshness into your bathroom, leaving your customer with the feeling that they are cared about. This will help to separate you from your competition in the long run.

At Newton Distributing, we offer an array of toilet partition manufacturers and materials to provide you with the best possible fit for your brand. To learn more visit our toilet partitions page.  You can also call one of our experienced representatives to get a free partition layout and quote at 877-837-7745. You can rest assured shopping at Newton Distributing, as all of our partitions come with a low-price guarantee!

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