The Top 3 Hygienic Strategies to Practice When Using a Public Restroom

Today people will be heading out to vote and with their civil duty, it is important to remember some of these tips when using the public restrooms out there. But even on election day, people will still head to work and do their jobs. These essential employees put themselves at risk for greater good, so the most we can do to help is provide some tips that promote safety in a field we know a great deal about. Restroom Hygiene.

An important things to remember overall is to wear your mask, bring hand sanitizer with you, and wash your hands!

First, when you need to user a public restroom, try not to touch any surfaces. It is important to note that during these trying times, paper towels are in short supply, but if they are available, then use a paper towel to open and lock the stall door. If there are no paper towels, then nudge the stall door open with your foot and grab some toilet paper to help lock it behind you. Once again, try to remember to always carry hand sanitizer and wear your face mask.

After using the facilities, make sure to wash your hands. Proper hand hygiene is imperative and it starts by using warm water and lathering your hands with soap for at least twenty seconds. This is where the cleaning actually happens. Then use that warm, soapy water to wash away germs. Following the washing and rinsing, fully dry your hands using a hand dryer.

Hand dryers conclusively do not spread germs. The majority of XLERATOR hand dryers have a HEPA filter in place to create another level of security and peace of mind. Excel Dryer’s HEPA filter is the only one on the market that removes 99.999% of viruses from the airstream. Once again, hand dryers conclusively do not spread germs, but if you use an XLERATOR and want to know if it has a HEPA filter, ask an employee. If the XLERATOR does not have a HEPA, it may be wise to reach out to someone in the company to see if they could purchase and install the HEPA retrofit kit. Once again, hand dryers conclusively do not spread germs, but if you are devoted to hygiene like we are, then it is good to get the best product in the industry to help fight viruses and germs.

Lastly, after washing and drying your hands, try to make a touch-free exit! If available, use the installed touch-free door device to open and leave the restroom. If they don’t have one, this is another product you may want your company to purchase. But if a touch-free device isn’t available, use a paper towel or toilet paper to open and leave the restroom. If you do not use a paper product to open the door, remember to always carry hand sanitizer for your hands after leaving the restroom.

One last things during these times, please remember to always wear your face mask!

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