Certified Women’s Business Enterprise

Newton Distributing is a proud member and continues to provide the best services in the industry. We support all women’s owned business as it is an important imitative.

Proud OSD Members

Newton supports where business and government meet through procurement, business diversity, and customer focus.

Thank you for the quickest response I have gotten from anyone in this business. It is really great to be able to deal with such professionalism. I was a recommendation from another client, I am going to give him your info and tell him to use you even if he doesn’t use my company. Again, thank you. Talk to you soon.

Michael Z. / NY

I wanted to take a moment and tell you what a great job John did for us. Even though our order was very small, and the odd dimensions of our project required extra time to plan, John invested the time. John worked hard to earn our business and in the process he provided excellent service in making sure that we were getting exactly what we needed. This was in contrast to some of your competitors who saw how small our order was and more or less blew us off. John’s service was the reason we chose to use Newton industries.

Randy G. / SC

Thank you!! Please let your team know how much your customer appreciates their efforts. I know it takes a great team to make everything work. Thank you for your great efforts on our behalf so refreshing. I have already spoken with my 4 PM’s and they all know Newton is our new place no matter what.

Marcia / CA

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