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For over 20 years, Newton Distributing has specialized in commercial restrooms and building specialties. As a result, many of your favorite franchises, restaurants, and gyms had 100% of their restroom products supplied from Newton Distributing Company. Certainly shows how far our expert service and personal care keeps our customers coming back year after year. Because of our reliable service, our product catalog has been able to substantially grow with the years.

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Safety products such as eye-wash stations, AEDs, and fire extinguishers are an important part of any building’s operations. Another example are hospitals, schools, and hotels who all have wall protection throughout their halls. Moreover, fitness centers and gyms all need lockers, showers, water coolers, access panels, and more in their remodels. So, many of those top chains you visit are under our care for building specialty products across the country.

Working in so many industries means that we are part of your daily lives! Because we continue to devote ourselves to proving our amazing service, that means we are here to help you succeed. In conclusion, you can rely on our experts. Above all, we are an ally to help manage your commercial restroom projects with great efficiency.

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As we said, many customers go with a full restroom package to ensure one fast shipment at the best discount pricing. In other words, custom toilet partitions are a vital part of most commercial restrooms, and we got them. In addition to the panels, we supply all of the essential toilet compartment accessories. After that, when you leave that stall, you have to wash your hands and Newton houses the largest inventory of soap dispensers, faucets, and hand dryers. Check your hair in the mirror because that’s form Newton too. Lastly, don’t touch that public restroom door handle, use a foot pull or other touchless door pull. Of course, all of these restroom products are straight from our inventory. 



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