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To meet ADA requirements, you need to purchase an XLERATOR recess kit. Meet your state’s guidelines with a recess kit which is no more than 4″ off the wall. All accessories are in stock and ready to ship.

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XL-BW features an ABS Plastic Cover

XL-W features a White Metal Cover

XL-GR features a Graphite Textured Cover

XL-SB features a Stainless Steel Cover

XL-C features a Chrome Plated Cover

Grand Central Terminal:
If We Can Make It Here, We Can Make It Anywhere.

750,000 Visitors + Paper Towels = Clogged Toilets, Dirty Restrooms, High Energy Consumption, Huge Expense

24 XLERATOR Hand Dryers were Purchased

Major Cost Savings; Reduced Labor, Maintenance, Waste and Energy; Hygienic Restrooms; Improved Guest Experience

The Original XLERATOR Hand Dryer is Still the Best!

You've heard it all before by now, XLERATOR hand dryers are the fastest, the best, and the most eco-friendly... We know by now you must be sick of hearing that, but guess what? It's all true, so now I get to say it again so you truly understand how good the XLERATOR hand dryer from Excel is. Versus old-school, conventional hand dryers, the XLERATOR is still king. When it comes to the new competition out there, the XLERATOR blows them away. Like that pun? Me neither, but that isn't the point.

Other brands have and tried to compete but have been left in the dust. A touch-free restroom needs a high powered hand dryer and the XLERATOR reigns supreme. You save an insane amount of money and waste versus paper towels. It is no longer a debate, it is simple fact. Hygiene? Easy win here too because the CDC has shown that hand dryers do not spread viruses in the restroom as other outlets have tried to make you believe. If you get an XLERATOR with a HEPA filter, that even protects you and patrons more.

Who has the best warranty for hand dryer brands? Easy, Excel Dryer. Some of the very first XLERATORs are still out there in the world operating and if the warranty is done, the parts are easy find and install. Plus, the XLERATOR parts are super affordable and you can install them yourself. It is that easy. So go with the original powerhouse of hand dryers, the XLERATOR!


The XLERATOR Hand Dryer with Pre-Installed HEPA Filtration

Excel Dryer is the only hand dryer brand to have studies proving the XLERATOR HEPA removes 99.999% of viruses from the airstream. No other HEPA filtration system has come this far until the XLERATOR.

1Based on testing performed by LMS Technologies, April 2020


  • 10 Second Dry Time
  • 500 Watts
  • Can Install Multiple XLERATOReco® Units On One Circuit
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • All XLERATOReco® Hand Dryer Models Are EPD Certified
  • 80% Less Energy Than Conventional Hand Dryers
  • 95% Cost Savings Vs. Paper Towels

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