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• Excel Dryer’s HEPA Filter Removes 99.999% of Viruses from the Air
• Tax Breaks! Building Green Approved & Qualifies for LEED® Credits
• Recover Your Money from the 95% Cost Savings vs. Paper Towels


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XLERATOR Covers Come In Any Color or Design! Call to Customize Yours!

ABS White Plastic Cover on the XL-BW

White Metal Cover on the XL-W

Graphite Textured Cover in the XL-GR

Stainless Steel Cover on the XL-SB

Chrome Plated Cover for the XL-C

Grand Central Terminal Case Study


Essentially 750,000 visitors walk through the doors of Grand Central. Absolutely an insane amount of foot traffic for one location. During this, imagine all the paper towels that led to clogged toilets! Gross. However, don’t forget that these dirty restrooms also means high energy consumption. Likewise, these occurrences led to huge expenses.


Ergo, a choice needed to be made. Thus Grand Central made the smart choice and purchased 24 XLERATOR hand dryers. After that installation, Grand Central saved more than ever.


Surely, this was a winning solution for Grand Central because they saw immediate cost savings. For instance, the reduced labor and maintenance saved big money. Therefore, maintenance employees were able to focus on more important tasks. Besides employee gains, Grand Central saw vast improvement in their energy bills. So, installing hygienic XLERATORs promoted better hygiene while wasting less paper, energy, and time! Succinctly, simple changes that have improved both worker’s and guest experiences!

Still the Best Quality Dryer on the Market!

Essentially, standard XLERATOR hand dryers continue to be a dominant force in the world. Further improvements have been made to the internal design of XLERATORs in recent years.  Surely a top addition is the ability to now make XLERATORs ADA compliant. Because adding a recess kit allows you to install the XLERATOR to be ADA compliant.

Affordable Accessories

Beside the recess kit, add a splash guard with each dryer. If you add all three products to an order, then you will find a startling discovery. The sum of these three is still lower than an ADA dryer from major competing brand names!

Made In America Certified

To clarify, XLERATORs are the only hand dryer to be Made in America Certified. Secondly, other brands are assembled in America. Moreover, Excel Dryer has make it a personal mission to support Americans. As a result, they’ve continued to keep their products American made and Americans staffed for almost 20 years.

Increase Hygiene with the XLERATOR HEPA

Setting the bar high, XLERATOR hand dryers with HEPA filtration systems remove 99.99% of viruses from the airstream. As a result, XLERATORS are the only hand dryer to achieve this number! 

Save Energy with Eco-Friendly XLEREATOR Hand Dryers

During the 10 seconds to dry your hands, the XLERATOReco only runs on 500 Watts. Certainly a great stat because you can install multiple ECO hand dryers on one circuit with virtually no maintenance.

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