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Toilet partitions offer restroom patrons a safe environment to do their private business in a public place. Firstly, enter your measurements into our bathroom stall quote builder! Then, simply follow each step and pick the materials and styles you need. After hitting the “Calculate My Price” button, your price will load with a price comparison of each material. But, please consider privacy height stalls to keep people feeling safe and comfortable. 

Hadrian Powder Coated Steel Toilet Partition

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Compare the Price Ranges for Popular Toilet Partition Materials

Powder Coated Steel

Cost Comparison: $

Powder coated steel toilet partitions

Absolutely the cheapest toilet partition option while being the standard!

Powder coated steel restroom partitions offer the best value for the lowest cost. Above all, learn as much as possible about toilet partition options before purchasing.
Lastly, the large selection of colors at the price is an unbeatable advantage of this material. 

Plastic Laminate

Cost Comparison: $$

Plastic Laminate Restroom Partitions

A low to mid ranged price for stalls depending on what colors or texture you choose.

 Enjoy the fashionable choice of plastic laminate bathroom stalls at great pricing. Moreover, purchasing laminate allows installers an easy project with lasting durability. In addition, the color and texture options are an amazing selling point for you or your clients. It’s a win-win product for sure.

Solid Plastic Panels

Cost Comparison: $$$

Solid Plastic toilet stalls

Middle ranged in pricing as well as a sustainable, long lasting option in a high traffic restroom.

Solid plastic toilet dividers are perfect for any public restroom. Additionally, they offer various colors and a high durability for busy environments. For example, you will see a lot of locker rooms with solid plastic. Likewise, high school restrooms love them for their durability against vandalism.

Black-Core Phenolic

Cost Comparison: $$$$

Black Core Phenolic Toilet Stall Compartments

Prices start to get higher with phenolic. Black-core phenolic panels have a black interior under the applied color or finish. 

Black-core toilet partitions also have a black edge around them. Furthermore, this design can save you some money versus color thru. Due to the vast customization options and high durability, plastic laminate can be a pretty penny. Yet, pretty toilet compartments are a real thing with this material which is a plus. 

Color Thru Phenolic

Cost Comparison: $$$$


Color Thru phenolic toilet partitions are manufactured with the chosen color throughout the entire panel.

So, color thru phenolic puts the customized choices you picked on display. Meaning that every side of your stall features that finish you chose. Also, black-core and color through are similar in durability and color options. So, it’s more costly since it’s made with the color throughout the entire panel. 

Stainless Steel

Cost Comparison: $$$$

Stainless steel restroom partitons

Finally, the largest price on the list, stainless steel toilet stalls!

Don’t forget, stainless is highly durable and aesthetically pleasing. After all, you see it everywhere from kitchens to wall protection. Moreover, it can be a smooth satin or textured stainless steel construction. Plus, most major brands like Hadrian carry the material. So to end this great review, they are worth the penny for smaller or high traffic restrooms.

Mounting Options for Toilet Partitions

Headrail Braced Anchored Toilet Stalls

Headrail and Floor Braced

Without doubt, the most popular and economical restroom partitions style on the market. Overhead braced partitions are durable for any new project or full remodel.

With a construction consisting of pilasters that are attached to the floor and are stabilized at the top of the pilaster with a headrail.

Floor Mounted Toilet Partitions

Floor Mount Braced Stalls

Ideal for restrooms with concrete floors, these provide a clean, level aesthetic. Floor mounted restroom stall partitions are considered easier to install in the right circumstances. 

Particular materials can help limit the amount of rust and corrosion. Floor mounted does exactly that! 

Ceiling Hung Toilet Partitions

Ceiling Mounted Toilet Partitions

Provide an easier floor cleaning solution for your washroom maintenance team. Unobstructed floor space beneath the stalls means you have an attractive and aesthetically appealing solution.

Proper installation requires attachment to structural ceiling support.

Floor to Ceiling Toilet Partitions

Floor to Ceiling Braced Partition

Featuring mountings from the floor to ceiling means your toilet compartments will be extremely stable and durable. A perfect solution for busy restrooms where vandalism resistance is critical.

Recommended floor to ceiling height is 96″ and requires ceiling reinforcement. 

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Did you know that bathroom stalls are one of the most important parts of a restroom? In other words, adding privacy to a restroom visit is very important. So, give your staff and customers the best public bathroom experience with the best stalls and manufacturers. Firstly, our devoted experts are ready to help you build your quote online or over the phone. In addition, if you use the Quote Builder, your pricing comes in real time with your provided measurements.

However, with a phone call, we can help guide you to the best manufacturer and material for your specs. Overall, the power is yours, all we ask if you give us a shot to quote you! As a result, you can see we are very capable of beating competitor pricing! 

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