The most common material for toilet partitions is powder coated steel. However, other types like stainless steel, laminate, phenolic, and solid plastic are  available. Receive a quote by selecting the toilet stall material that’s best for your job. 

Choose your material and the bracing type. Once chosen, you provide your restroom measurements to get a fast quote! 

Honestly, the easiest way to get a toilet partitions quote is to draw a rough layout of your restroom. Add your measurements to the drawing and send it to us!

Call us at 877-837-7745 for more information. You can also fax us your drawings directly. This will save time, but ensure your contact info is accurate. After, we send your toilet partition quote ASAP.

Common Stall Materials and Colors

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Seriously though, Newton Distributing has the best toilet partition experts. We have been the go-to supplier for toilet stalls for over 15 years. A majority of our clients who ordered with us all those years ago, are still ordering today. Goes to show that we care and treat our customers with respect and are devoted to helping complete their projects.

Overhead and Floor Braced

Without doubt, the most popular and economical toilet partition style on the market. Overhead braced partitions are durable for any new project or full remodel.

With a construction consisting of pilasters that are attached to the floor and are stabilized at the top of the pilaster with a headrail.

Floor Mount Braced

Ideal for restrooms with concrete floors, it provides a clean, level aesthetic. Floor mounted stalls are considered easier to install in the right circumstances. 

Particular materials can help limit the amount of rust and corrosion. Floor mounted does exactly that! 

Ceiling Mount Braced

Provide an easier floor cleaning solution for your washroom maintenance team. Unobstructed floor space beneath the stalls means you have an attractive and aesthetically appealing solution.

Proper installation requires attachment to structural ceiling support.

Floor to Ceiling Braced

Featuring mountings from the floor to ceiling means your toilet partitions will be extremely stable and durable. A perfect solution for busy restrooms where vandalism resistance is critical.

Recommended floor to ceiling height is 96″ and requires ceiling reinforcement. 

Get the Best Brands and Materials for Your Toilet Stall Quote Today!

Did you know that toilet partitions are one of the most important parts of a restroom? They provide privacy and house all the necessary washroom accessories for your restroom visit. Our devoted experts are ready to work on your quote. We will provide your pricing quickly and efficiently. We are determined to prove our knowledge in restroom products. This is why we are focused on delivering every step of the way. From plumbing fixtures to division 9 & 10 products, we can get it to you. So, please send your toilet partition specs or drawings so we can work on a quote now.

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