Commercial Business Bollards


Protect People & Your Business with Bollards

Construction zones often feature temporary posts to define and protect the work area. They protect this area from traffic and pedestrians prioritizing safety. Often times the bollards are constructed of flexible brightly colored plastic. Added to the plastic are rings of reflective tape. This is a common construction zone product, but we also offer solid, permanent bollards to truly protect your storefront.

Security bollards are built to resist vehicle impact. Often made of steel and filled with concrete, these bollards are secure and long lasting. They can of course be decorated with a fine finish or to match your brand. You often find similar bollards near parking lots and outdoor restaurant patios. Playgrounds often feature bollards as an added sense of security for people inside. Bollards are an essential part of protecting people when they are on your commercial property. These units also protect your storefront from vehicle impact.

Protect your business and the people you serve with safety bollards.

Crash Tested & Approved

Newton Distributing offers bollards on bids and over the phone. Call us directly to get pricing. We can offer quantity discounts and exceptional service. You need to call to see for yourself. Safety bollards are an important product to have installed on your commercial property. Be safe and call today. 

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