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If you are drafting specs for an upcoming project, call us and our experts can help you find the best products to fit your aesthetics, budget, and price range. Newton has the majority of brands that will fit your restroom or commercial building specialty project. We are here to help on every level of a project.

Inventory & Purchasing

Newton Distributing maintains a significant inventory in our warehouse allowing for a one-stop-shop experience. Our experts will walk you through the best options and how to submit your info, purchase orders, and payment methods. Our process guarantees a great price and fast delivery to help meet your budgets and timelines.

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Whether you are a general contractor or electrician, Newton Distributing is here to help. We have a long list of trusted installers for our products we can gladly involve or recommend. If you are an installer and wish to work with us on future projects, please contact us today! 

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Headrail-Braced Stall Drawings and Specs

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Newton Distributing Company works on a variety of projects. We specialize in restroom products and can deliver on all plumbing fixtures, as well as all division 9 & 10 products. So please send your specs our way so we can work on a quote now. We also supply products in the following areas:

• Fire Extinguishers and Extinguisher Cabinets
• Lockers
• Shower Systems - Group and Individual Stall
• Eye Wash Stations and Emergency Showers
• Water Coolers and Bottle Filling Stations
• Wall Protection and Corner Guards
• Elevator Interiors from Inpro
• Privacy Systems and Safety Dividers/Shields
• Visual Display Boards
• Access Panels and Roof Hatches
• Bike Racks, Flag Poles, and Benches
• Wirecrafters Storage Wire Partitions
• Shades and Blinds from Inpro

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    XLERATORs/Accessories: 1-6 days depending on what region they are shipped to as well as if they are in stock.

    Partitions: Because partitions are custom made, it depends on scale of project. Please call for details. 877-753-2711.

    Yes. Please call 877-753-2711 for more info.

    Yes, and discounts apply to larger orders.