About Us

Newton Distributing Company specializes in commercial bathroom products. Serving customers all over the US, we sell products such as hand dryerstoilet partitionswater coolers, and any other commercial bathroom supplies to build a functional commercial bathroom.

At Newton Distributing, we are more than an online store. We encourage our customers to give us a call to get the best prices on all of our commercial restroom products. Our staff has been trained to provide the best customer service available and when you call us, you’re sure to get the best pricing, a friendly voice, and an all-around helpful experience to ensure your ordering process is as seamless as possible.

Please feel free to contact us at any time by phone at (617) 969-4002 or through our website here.

Newton Distributing Company specializes in innovative restroom products that reduce costs and your carbon footprint. Please contact our experts for meaningful and actionable information to make your company more efficient and profitable. We will be your choice resource for the best practices in planning, designing, building and maintaining facilities that are vital to the success of your enterprise. Our building specialty and restroom products will ensure a profitable establishment that encourages hygiene and environmental gain.

If you’re interested in building specialties and installation, visit our sister website, NewtonBSI.com, where you can learn more about installation services from the experts at Newton.

For more details, please call our experts at 877-995-3454

Furthermore, Newton’s pricing and customer service will not be beat. All of our products carry a low price guarantee and each transaction is personally handled by one of our trained staff. If you need personal service, we can really impress you. Simply call in and ask any one of our staff your questions regarding any of our products including automatic flush valves, lavatory automatic faucets, baby changing stations, waterless urinals, hand dryers or any of our other washroom items.

You can complete your order with a Purchase Order if you are with one of the following:

  • Municipality
  • Publicly traded company
  • School
  • College
  • University
  • Healthcare Facility

If you belong to any of these organizations, please complete your order by calling 877-995-3454. You must call to validate the order and to confirm details. If not completed by phone, these orders will automatically be voided. Thank you.