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Whether you need metal, wood, phenolic or something custom, Newton gets your custom locker job quoted and shipped with ease! Our experts will help to ensure you get the perfect measurements and options so your quote is accurate and the order process goes flawless. . 

Tell us the material you prefer and provide some measurements in your drawings and send them over. We will take your drawings and work up a quote and call you directly to ensure we are on the best path to complete your locker project. Call us directly to speed up the process.

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Lockers are found in school, gyms, medical buildings, and more. Lockers are crucial for staff or customers to feel their personal belongings are safe. Stadium locker rooms are a great example of using vented lockers compared to a school hall which would feature a more standard metal locker. Accessories like benches are needed too, so make sure to call us and ask about the different styles.  

Communication is important! Feel free to send your drawings via email or fax them directly to 617-969-4071.

You can also send us a fax of your locker layout to 617-969-4071

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Lockers come in various styles, let us know which works best for your facility locker-room. There are basic vanguard, perforated lockers, or full welded styles to choose from. Various add-ons include different tiers, ventilation, sloped tops, and more. Many of these choices are meant for different types of facilities. Schools and fitness centers tend to also need locker-room benches. Please make sure to choose the preferred material that will best represent your finished aesthetic. There are actual wood lockers, wood-laminate, laminate finishes, plastic, steel, or phenolic for materials. Make sure to let our reps know if you will want hooks or coat hangers inside the lockers. Newton Distributing offers all styles, materials, and finishing touches needed to give you the best, completed lockers in the industry. So please send your drawings so we can work on a quote now.

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