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Good afternoon, Pedro – thank you for this update, I appreciate it. Very good customer service. ~ Pete, CT

I wanted to take a moment and tell you what a great job John did for us. Even though our order was very small, and the odd dimensions of our project required extra time to plan, John invested the time. John worked hard to earn our business and in the process he provided excellent service in making sure that we were getting exactly what we needed. This was in contrast to some of your competitors who saw how small our order was and more or less blew us off. John’s service was the reason we chose to use Newton industries.~ Randy, Greer, SC

To whom it may concern, I would like to commend one of your employees, a Mr. John Edinburg. On November 15, I contacted John as a result of an Internet search for toilet partitions. To make a long story short, my long time supplier dropped the ball and basically refused to accept any responsibility nor would he take the necessary actions to resolve the issue. When I began speaking to Mr. Edinburg and explained my dilemma, he immediately began working to provide me with a solution. Within minutes, he provided me with a very similar product, at a reasonable cost as well as a quick(er) turnaround time. He was projecting the delivery to be Nov. 28, which actually the materials arrived on the 27th. I was able to meet my deadline thus avoiding a penalty. John is to be commended for his professionalism in customer service. He is an excellent representative of your company. As a result, we will be utilizing your company in the future. Again, Thank You John!!~ Dwight, Fisherville, VA

The dryers work excellent, after many types of dryers that we have installed over the years I think we finally found the one. Thank you very much for your help and will be in touch soon for some more of those. Thanks again.~ Hector, New York, NY

Dana, you were wonderful with the ENTIRE order process! The response time was fabulous and you are so professional and an absolute pleasure to work with for the order of the dryers today.~ John H. Marchesi III, Bayonne, NJ

I wanted to let you know that we are receiving outstanding support and service from one of you folks, John Edinburg. John is always ready to help and quick in responding to our questions and concerns. He is a good one and thought you might like to know when the company is being represented so well.~ Kirby, Duluth, GA

Just want to compliment you on a great product. My gym has had one for a number of years. It’s been working great all this time and never saw it out of action. I feel whenever I see a product perform beyond expectations, it should be noted. Thanks.~ Ira, CA

You guys had a significantly lower price on the faucet than anyone else I could find online. I have bookmarked your site, and will certainly be back. Thanks again for taking the time to speak to your Sloan rep about my questions, and for then taking the time to send me your detailed findings. As I said, it was really, really helpful.~ John, NY, NY

Thank you for the quickest response I have gotten from anyone in this business. It is really great to be able to deal with such professionalism. I was a recommendation from another client, I am going to give him your info and tell him to use you even if he doesn’t use my company. Again, thank you. Talk to you soon.~ Michael Z, NY

You sure do John, and I always tell my PM’s and Coordinators to always order from you. Your customer services to expedite our materials is outstanding.~ Wilson, DC

Thanks, I appreciate the great service.~ Margaret, Calgary, AB

Really appreciate the great turn around!~ Michael, RI

You spoil me! Thanks!~ Rob, NH

I appreciate all of your help with this stuff and making it go as smooth as you do! I wish all of my vendors were the same!~ Mike, VA

Thanks for keeping up on this as it must be a small order in your business, but it says a lot about your business!! I will make sure to refer you to our other associates and GC’s for their restroom fixture needs! Thanks again, Randy.~ Randy, Miami, FL

Just wanted to let you know that the guys did a great job on the install! All looks great and every one is happy!~ Nathan, Texas

Best customer service we have ever dealt with. Love the xlerator – have 8 units and boss bought 1 Dyson (hate it).~ Hamilton Honda, New Jersey

Thank you for all your help. The doors were delivered last week. Always great working with you. Thanks!~ Jim, NJ

Thanks for excellent customer service and remembering us here in Dallas, TX.~ Howard, Dallas

Awesome Daniel!! Thank you!! Please let your team know how much your customer appreciates their efforts. I know it takes a great team to make everything work 🙂 Thank you for your great efforts on our behalf so refreshing. =) I have already spoken with my 4 PM’s and they all know Newton is our new place no matter what, 🙂~ Marcia, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I needed my item expedited shipping and Pedro was AMAZING! Very courteous and helpful. The was an unusual client request, but if I do have to order something like this again, I will definitely order from Newton!~ Jennifer, New Jersey

I just wanted to say thank you for your help in securing mirrors in such a timely manner – it was greatly appreciated. Great customer service!~ Pam, Indiana

Marc, you can do one more thing for me…keep being as attentive as you are to your customers! It is how I am and now that I am experiencing being a customer, I applaud you!~ Carolyn, New York

Lance, thank you for your professional attitude. Been having a nightmare with contractor, plumbers etc, thought we would be all done today. Thanks again for all your help!~ David, Maine

I have been ordering my commercial supplies from another supplier but looking at your easy to follow and clear website, I would love to see a full line of your products.~ Riva, Florida

Great experience, no hassle, just good service.~ Nicole, Newton, MA

Quick and efficient process. Thanks.~ Adam, Newton

I was very happy doing business with you, and the XLERATORs we purchased and installed are going strong and are well loved!~ Justin, Boston

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I was to find your dryer in the Target bathroom after my three year old had fallen in the snow. She was cold, wet and not too happy and within minutes she was dry and laughing at the dryer blowing in her hair. It made my day. Thank you.~ Mary, Boston

YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Just when I think y’all can’t be any better than you already are.~Andrew Orender, CW Construction

Your service is excellent. Ordering is easy and prompt.~ Katie, Boston