5 Ways to Improve the Commercial Bathroom Experience

Let’s face it: a dirty bathroom can ruin a customer’s experience at a business. But, what exactly  are customers looking for in your commercial bathroom? In this blog, we’ll look at 5 ways you can create a reliable, hygienic and private commercial bathroom experience for your customers.

1) Invest in Long-Lasting, Durable Partitions

Choosing toilet partitions can be a difficult process. You have to consider things like the climate, the foot-traffic of your bathroom and the cost. Should you get the least expensive partition or the most reliable one?

We have a blog that can help you make this decision. (Read it here!)

But, we also have some other suggestions for the optimal customer experience. We recommend you get a partition that is long-lasting and durable. Though they cost a bit more initially, they will last much longer, which means you’ll save more down the line and your customers will enjoy the reliable partitions.

2) Consider Adding Automated Fixtures

Yes, automatic hand dryers, soap dispensers and sinks definitely cost more initially, but these tools could actually save you money in the future. Think about it: with hand dryers, you don’t ever have to refill them (like you do with paper towel dispensers). Also, soap dispensers disperse the proper amount of soap for each customer.

Besides saving you money, these features provide a better hygienic experience for your customers, and make it less likely for your bathroom to get messy.

3) Improve Customer’s Privacy

Everyone wants as much privacy as possible when they’re using commercial restrooms. This is another reason your toilet partitions are important! Getting the right partitions ensures there are no major gaps under the stalls or between the doors. Fixing this problem will definitely improve your customer’s commercial washroom experience.

4) Think about Renovating

If your restroom is older, think about renovating it to keep up with industry trends. Not only will all your new products be up-to-date, but they’ll also be aesthetically pleasing to your customers. Plus, with newer products, there’s less of a risk that something will break or need fixing.

Washrooms can be a relaxing environment for your customers when designed right.

5) Make your Restroom Look Bigger for a Quick Fix

If you don’t want to remodel, but still want to quickly improve the appearance of your restroom, try making it look bigger without having to knock down any walls. How? Mirrors. The larger the mirrors, the bigger the space looks. This is an especially effective trick if your restroom is on the smaller side. It will made the room feel more spacious and open instantly.

One other way to make your restroom feel bigger is to leave the space underneath your sink open.

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