How We Serve Architects

It is important for architects to remember some of the most innovative products for their building blueprints that we feature. Aesthetically pleasing and efficient products that are always available, such as the XLERATOR hand dryers, the D13 sink systems, high-end toilet partitions, wall protection, fire extinguishers and cabinets, elevator interiors, and shower systems. 

We encourage architects to contact us directly to discuss our inventory and options for creating restrooms, plumbing fixtures, and other division 9 and 10 products for their drawings. We can provide all proper specifications, measurements, and details of each product to ensure architect’s blueprints are 100% accurate. 

Call 877-837-7745 for product information and a quote.

Changing the Industry

Aesthetics are important for any project, but it is important to remember the value of cost-savings and easy maintenance. Items like the XLERATOR hand dryer or D13 sink systems provide more than standard paper towel dispensers.

Learn more by reading relevant case studies to see how these products provide the best performance for their value.