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Product Spotlight: Al Paco Elegance Toilet Partitions

This visually appealing collection is ideal for the most aesthetically demanding applications. The signature stainless steel top rail provides structural stability and style, while the corners and door panels are perfectly rounded for a refined and elegant appearance. And the self-closing doors create a clean look throughout the bathroom even when unoccupied. Elegant hardware and […]

How to Choose The Right Material For Your Toilet Partitions

One of the most critical restroom design decisions that architects and designers face is the choice of the toilet partition material. The material selected for a toilet partition system can impact its durability, compliance, resistance to damage, and even how easily it can be maintained. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the application. […]

Designing a Commercial Restroom That Saves Money and Impresses Customers

Restrooms may not be at the top of every retail and commercial business owner’s to-do lists, but study after study demonstrates how important a clean, high-functioning restroom is to the average customer. In a survey conducted by Harris on behalf of Cintas, a staggering 94 percent of U.S. adults said they would avoid a business in […]

Why Your Toilet Partitions Matter

Why Your Toilet Partitions Matter You spend countless hours working hard to perfect the performance and appearance of your business. Your employees are well trained and hard-working, and your storefront is flawless. But what about your bathrooms? While they are not directly contributing to your bottom line, bathrooms should not be overlooked by any business […]

Toilet Partitions: Access the Right Guide

Today, most business owners require a reliable guide for selecting toilet partitions. Here, you’ll find the right resources to help you choose the toilet partitions that will work best for your business. It’s not an easy process to make these decisions, so you can hire an agent to help you understand your bathroom layout, which […]

Toilet Partitions Q&A

Not all toilet partitions are the same. The materials you select make a big difference for the type of building you own or manage. For example, you’ll want to select graffiti-resistant partitions for schools and elegant partitions for a luxury corporate office. This is important for your building’s appearance and for your janitorial staff whose […]

Manufacturer Spotlight: Scranton Products

toilet partition

Scranton Products Scranton Products is a nationally respected brand of toilet partition and lockers, that have extended their services into markets stretching across all of North America. At Newton Distributing, we are proud to carry Scranton Products due to their high-quality products and superior ethical standards. The company, a division of CPG International LLC, a […]

Manufacturer Spotlight: Hadrian Toilet Partitions


Hadrian Manufacturing is a worldwide supplier of quality toilet partitions and lockers. When you call Newton Distributing Company, you’ll speak with a knowledgeable professional about top-rated products made by companies such as Hadrian. Hadrian has always been at the vanguard of new commercial toilet products. It was the first manufacturer to powder-coat toilet partitions and has […]

Choosing the Right Material for your Commercial Partition


If you haven’t given much thought to commercial-toilet partitions, think again. Choosing the right material for your commercial bathroom partitions is an important decision that has financial implications for building owners and maintenance teams. Selecting the right commercial partition depends on many factors such as your budget, who uses the restrooms and how easy it […]

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