Choosing the Right Material for your Commercial Partition


If you haven’t given much thought to commercial-toilet partitions, think again.

Choosing the right material for your commercial bathroom partitions is an important decision that has financial implications for building owners and maintenance teams. Selecting the right commercial partition depends on many factors such as your budget, who uses the restrooms and how easy it is for your janitorial team to clean.

For example, are the partitions for a busy public facility with high foot traffic? Do you plan to install them in a high school where kids scribble graffiti? Perhaps they’re for an upscale office building with luxury fixtures?

Gather your team and speak with an expert from Newton Distributing before you settle for a specific material for your commercial partition. Newton works with leading manufacturers of toilet partition products, including A&J Washroom, Bobrick, Global Partitions and Scranton Products.

All of Newton’s products carry a low-price guarantee and each transaction is personally handled by a trained team member. Call (617) 969-4002 for personal service (and the best prices).

Toilet Partitions Materials

There are six different kinds of materials in commercial-toilet partitions. Selecting the right one for your facility is the key, so here’s a primer on each:

  • Powder Coated Steel is a high-quality finish that is more resistant to impacts, moisture and chemicals that reduce the risk of scratches, chipping, abrasions, corrosion, fading and other wear issues, according to the Powder Coating Institute ( The steel is sprayed with a powder coating that has the consistency of baking flour and then cured in an oven to create density. Powder-coated steel toilet partitions provide high-tech quality material at an economical price. In addition to being highly resistant to wear, fading, staining, scratching and scuffing, your janitorial staff can easily clean these partitions with mild soap and wiped dry. These steel toilet partitions are available in all styles.
  • Plastic Laminate Toilet compartments combine design flexibility, aesthetic appeal and economy. The proven benefits of high-pressure plastic laminates include a smooth surface highly resistant to scratches, grease and even mars. Available in all styles and colors, plastic laminate is a high-pressure impact-resistant laminate with a particleboard core that is common in counter tops and kitchen cabinets or drawers. These plastic laminate restroom stalls are inexpensive and the versatile material is designed for both horizontal and vertical applications. These are all in stock or built to order.
  • Solid Plastic features a solid color throughout so that any minor scratches can often be successfully repaired. Solid plastic toilet partitions offer great graffiti resistance, so it’s an ideal choice for any busy public facility. Most graffiti can be cleaned without leaving any trace. Doors, panels and pilasters will not dent, crack, chip, flake or delaminate. Solid plastic offers superior protection and is virtually impervious to chemical cleaners, stains, acids or moisture. Various styles are available.
  • Color-Thru Phenolic is impact-, scratch- and graffiti-resistant and has excellent screw-holding power. True to its name, this product’s uniform color resists damage and discourages vandalism and abuse. It also is strong, durable and low-maintenance.
  • Black-Core Phenolic holds up even under severe moisture conditions from showers, pools and saunas, or when maintenance includes hosing down toilet partitions. It’s ideal where vandalism is a problem. These partitions are available in all colors with black edges and come in all styles. These commercial restroom partitions are fabricated to stand the test of time. The dense components, combined with stainless steel brackets and fasteners, stand up to the most extreme conditions of moisture and humidity.
  • Stainless Steel is highly resilient and retains its gleaming beauty for years. The elegance of stainless steel complements any design scheme. Because it’s corrosion-resistant, even scratches can be buffed out. Stainless steel is available in all styles with satin or textured finish. Stainless Steel stalls are available with recycled content that are great for environmentally sensitive projects. These toilet partitions are also completely fire-proof.

To learn more about toilet partitions available from the team at Newton Distributing, give us a call at (617) 969-4002. One of our team members will be happy to assist you!

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