Commercial Bathroom Supplies for Schools

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School’s out, but that doesn’t mean the maintenance staff isn’t busy. School can be a busy place in the summer because the staff can replace equipment without interruption from children. What’s more, classes aren’t in session so the staff doesn’t have to worry about making any noise.

Summer is a good time to review commercial bathrooms supplies for school. Newton Distributing’s building specialty and restroom products will ensure your commercial bathroom will be ready when children return to school in the fall.

All of Newton’s products carry a low-price guarantee and each transaction is personally handled by trained staff. If you need personal service, call (617) 969-4002.

Get your checklist

Newton Distributing can help you find any equipment or supply for a school bathroom, from faucets to hand dryers, urinals, trash cans and toilet partitions. Here’s a sampling:

  • Hand dryers: Select from a variety of hand dryers, including XLERATOR dryers that are speedy and eco-friendly. Newton also offers automatic touch-free and push-button hand dryers. If you need parts, Newton has those too.
  • Toilet partitions: Newton offers all styles and colors of partitions from nine manufacturers. See below for a special note about graffiti-resistant partitions that will make life easier for your janitorial staff.
  • Soap dispensers and faucets: Newton offers automatic, manual and counter-mounted soap dispensers from major brands. It also has a side selection of automatic or manual faucets with parts and accessories also available.

Anti-Graffiti Toilet Partitions

Cleaning graffiti is much more than just a nuisance. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, maintaining the building by removing graffiti is an effective way to reduce school violence.

But the good news is manufacturers are staying a step ahead of vandals by creating anti-graffiti toilet partitions. These partitions are made of special materials and coatings that make it easy for janitorial staff to scrub off messages.

For example, Hadrian partitions let janitors easily remove spray paint, permanent marker, lipstick, water-based ink markers and crayons. There’s no special manufacturer’s kit required to clean the partitions because commercial graffiti removers are widely available at most hardware, industrial supply and cleaning stores.

The importance of anti-graffiti toilet partitions takes special meaning because gang violence sometimes infiltrates schools. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, Gang members use graffiti to mark their territories and challenge rivals. Graffiti is a form of communication, so it’s important to remove it quickly.

Crime prevention through environmental design can be applied to school violence prevention, the CDC says. That includes physical maintenance of buildings such as removing graffiti in a timely manner, making repairs to restrooms, light fixtures, and stairways to maintain safety and comfort.

The result of a well-maintained, graffiti-free environment fosters a sense of physical and social order. It sends a positive message to students that their school is a warm and welcoming place.

Newton Distributing can help you select the right anti-graffiti toilet partitions from Hadrian and other manufacturers ( We can help draw a layout, select appropriate materials and create any particular style for your commercial bathroom. Call us today at (617) 969-4002 and well help you get started.

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