Commercial Washroom Cleaning Tips

Cleaning commercial washrooms is hard work.

As a building owner and manager, you know keeping your commercial washrooms clean is a top priority. Let’s be honest: Sometimes it’s a struggle because people can be messy.

In some buildings such as schools and public facilities, vandalism and graffiti can be especially frustrating. That’s because it can take your janitorial staff hours to clean.

Many janitors are skilled at cleaning commercial bathrooms and have learned tricks of the trade over the years. Let them do their job but make their jobs easier by selecting the right bathroom equipment and supplies.

At Newton Distributing, we know what it takes to clean a commercial bathroom. That’s why we offer low-maintenance products that will reduce your long-term bathroom expenses because you won’t have to spend as much to keep facilities clean.

Switch to air dryers

Consider replacing paper towels with automatic hand dryers. For example, the XLERATOR dries your hands in eight seconds, as effective as old-style paper towels, and saves as much as 95% of the cost.

Paper towels are messy. Bathroom users throw them on the floor, they clog the toilets and sinks. In addition to cleaning paper-towel messes, your janitorial staff has to constantly replace the paper-towel dispensers and empty loads of paper-towel waste.

For example, consider the case of the U.S. Department of Agriculture building in Washington D.C. Once every two weeks, janitors at the USDA building would break open a pallet of paper towels to fill dispensers in more than 100 restrooms throughout one of the largest buildings in the city. That’s equal to two tons of paper per month, or 24 tons per year.

The results were immediate when they switched to automatic hand dryers. The use of paper towels dropped by 50% as employees switched to the high-speed hand dryers even though they still had the option of using paper towels. In the first year alone, this eliminated two tons of paper-towel waste.

Pick the right partition materials

Cleaning bathroom partitions can be a challenge, especially in public and school facilities where vandalism can be a challenge.

Fortunately, partition manufacturers are staying a step ahead of the vandals. They’ve designed partitions made of materials that janitors can easily clean.

For example, solid plastic toilet partitions offer great graffiti resistance, so it’s an ideal choice for any busy public facility. Most graffiti can be cleaned without leaving any trace. Color-thru phenolic is impact-, scratch- and graffiti-resistant and has excellent screw-holding power. True to its name, this product’s uniform color resists damage and discourages vandalism and abuse. It also is strong, durable and low-maintenance.

Watch the water

Pools of water can create breeding grounds for molds that make it difficult to clean. Even after a short period, bacteria can quickly form in small pools of water.

To save your janitorial staff time, consider using sinks with splash guards. These are particularly useful in schools where children splash water without thinking, so rugged sinks with splash shields, contoured backs and self-draining deck areas are helpful.

Sinks with front and rear overflow functions will keep water from seeping onto the floors. That will help reduce mold-friendly moisture and make your commercial bathroom easier to clean.

For more commercial bathroom cleaning tips and how you can make it easier for your janitorial staff, call the experts at Newton Distributing 877.837.7745.

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