How We Serve Condominiums & Rentals

Condominiums and rental properties has designated maintenance crews to help ensure your lifestyle stays great. They mow the lawn, clean the windows, some have cleaning services, it is a wonderful life. How does a simple restroom company (that’s not so simple) help with our product catalog? Easy, wire partitions.

What are wire partitions? If you have lived in a condo before, you may know, they are those lovely cages in the basement that protect your stuff. We work with Wirecrafters and other great manufacturers to supply those lovely cages of protection. We also sell mailboxes that are ideal for your properties. We don’t list them on the site, but we quote them all the time. We also offer blinds, shades, some flooring, wall protection, elevator interiors, flag poles, benches, bike racks, and the list goes on! The point is simple, if you need it, call us directly for a quote on everything in one simple swoop. Talk about your one stop shop! 

Changing the Industry

Products likes the XLERATOR hand dryer provide money savings, eco-friendly solutions, and safety measures that are a full package solution for any restroom. Learn more about XLERATORs and other relevant products to your industry.