How We Serve Contractors & Installers

General contractors makes the world go round. Without contractors and installers in our world, business would not get done! We appreciate this skillset and work closely with general contractors across the country to ensure we can help each other. We provide the best pricing and available inventory in the industry, but we go beyond the limits to ensure our installers are aware that we are a support system for the work you do. We have all of the product information needed for installation such as color charts, specifications, measurements, hardware, and more.

If you want to keep a future relationship with Newton Distributing, please contact our sales reps and have that discussion. We want to continue to grow our national accounts of trusted general contractors to ensure that when we supply the best products in the industry, that we also can supply the best installers in the industry. 

Call 877-837-7745 for product information and a quote.

Changing the Industry

Aesthetics are important for any project, but it is important to remember the value of cost-savings and easy maintenance. Items like the XLERATOR hand dryer or D13 sink systems provide more than standard paper towel dispensers.

Learn more by reading relevant case studies to see how these products provide the best performance for their value.