How We Serve Fitness Centers & Gyms

Gyms and fitness centers can be a truly messy place. Throngs of sweaty people working out and moving around makes sanitation extremely important. From lockers to shower benches to hand sanitizer dispensers, we provide it all. Turn your fitness center into a vision of cleanliness with our touch-free sink systems, automatic bottle refill stations, and sensor hand dryers, too. Our products will help reduce the germs spread in your gym while lowering upkeep costs and helping maintain a cleanly environment for your customers. Never worry again, we make sure your gym is built to withstand anything thrown its way.

Changing the Industry

Products like the XLERATOR hand dryer provide money savings, eco-friendly solutions, and safety measures that are a full package solution for any restroom. Learn more about XLERATORs and other relevant products to your industry.