How to Choose The Best Lockers For Your School

How to Choose Lockers for Your School

Installing lockers in your school is a big investment. You want to find a type of locker that is practical but will also cater to your students’ desires. If a student appreciates something, then they are more likely to take care of it. This will in turn make your lockers last longer. This article will help you understand what your students want so that you can make a more educated decision when choosing your style of locker.

Multiple Shelves

First and foremost, a locker must be practical. Choosing a locker with multiple shelves will give the students a place for all of their course materials and other personal items.

If your lockers do not have enough shelves in them, then the students will be more likely to let trash accumulate at the bottom of the locker. Multiple shelves will also allow the students to effectively use the space and personalize them a little more, an ability students will appreciate.


This next part may be a little bit more difficult to take into account in your final decision. Your students will inevitably have a wide range of statures. The shorter students will not be able to effectively utilize a tall locker with high upper shelves, so full-length lockers are probably not the best choice for a high school or middle school.

However, a locker that is very low would be very inconvenient for the taller students. For this reason, you should avoid stacking too many lockers in a column. While stacking more than two lockers on top of each other may be space-efficient, students don’t generally like these lockers and do not treat them as well. Catering to your students’ desires really could be a positive investment in the long run.


The next thing that your students will want is fairly simple: hooks. Having hooks inside of a locker will give your students a place to hang their bags and jackets. Additionally, students will be able to hang other personal items, such as hats, photos and other decorations. Try to find a locker that has at least three hooks, if not more, to ensure the greatest satisfaction from all of your students.


There are a few types of lockers that are extremely skinny. While these may seem like a good choice because they will allow you to place more lockers in a smaller space, try to avoid these. Students want to be able to store things such as sports equipment, instruments and school projects in their lockers if need be. Lockers without adequate width will impede students’ ability to use the lockers.


Finally, lockers come in many different styles. You can get lockers that have large windows, mesh or other openings that give others the ability to see inside. However, students want to be able to use their lockers for privacy.

Choosing a locker that has a solid door will give your students the privacy they desire, but you’ll still have a master key and will be able to check whether there are any contraband items hidden inside if you desire.

In conclusion, there are many different factors you should consider when you choose lockers for your school. The most important aspect of a locker is that it functions correctly and allows students to continue learning as efficiently as possible.

Just remember that the students will take better care of their belongings if they appreciate the lockers they are provided with. If you keep your students in mind, you will be able to find the perfect lockers for your school. For more information, contact a professional from Newton Distributing Company Today.

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