How to Get the Best Price on Commercial Hand Dryers

You can spend hours scouring the internet for the best price on commercial hand dryers, or you can call Newton Distributing Company and speak with a professional who can help you in minutes. It’s doubtful you will find a lower price on the internet. What’s more, you can buy in bulk and receive a discount.

We are so confident that it offers customers a price-match guarantee for hand dryers and any of our commercial bathroom products. Find a better internet price and we will match it. You can browse and shop on our website, but if you’d like to speak with a real and friendly person, call at (617) 969-4002. You won’t get a recording when you call Newton because professionals are available to ensure your next job is a successful one.

A special note: You can complete a purchase order instead of a credit card if you have a valid account or your organization is a municipality, a publicly traded company, a school, college, university, or health care facility. Complete your order by calling (617) 969-4002.

Sometimes, used or slightly damaged hand dryers are available for purchase at a discount. Most have never been installed but do have a limited warranty. If you would like to hear the full listing of available clearance, please call one of our hand-dryer experts.

The Most Popular Hand Dryer: XLERATOR

The most popular commercial hand dryers are made by Excel Dryers. That’s because the hand dryers are environmentally friendly and offer significant savings over paper towels.

For example, the XLERATOReco can dry hands in 10 seconds and it consumes 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers. XLERATOReco hand dryers can help facility managers save thousands of dollars a year by eliminating the need for paper towels and maintenance of dispensers. Compared with paper towels, the hand dryers can save as much as 95%.

You can calculate your own facility’s cost savings by using a calculator that’s based on your current electricity rates by clicking here. In addition, the calculator figures how much you can reduce your facility’s impact on the environment.

Spread the word

Newton Distributing can help your company convey the important message that your team is doing all it can for environmental sustainability. Working with Excel, Newton Distributing can customize any hand dryer to fit your needs.

Excel offers exclusive digital imaging technology that allows buyers to design their own high speed XLERATOR hand dryers with company logos, team mascots, school colors or any other high-resolution image.

Excel’s hand dryers can be branded with a fully integrated design rather than a sticker or other surface brand that could easily be marred or removed. Buyers can supply their own digital artwork or develop the cover graphics with the help of Excel Dryer’s design team.

For example, Excel’s dryers at Coca-Cola are red with the well-known logo in white. The dryers at the Basketball Hall of Fame are designed to look like the game’s balls. Check out the different custom covers here.

The team at Newton Distributing is happy to help you find the perfect commercial bathroom hand dryers for your needs. Give us a call today at (617) 969-4002 for the best prices on commercial hand dryers.

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