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Custom Lavatory Sink Systems!

The future of restrooms are here! It’s easier than ever to ensure that you get the best sink system for your restroom. With the various choices now on the market, you can customize just about any part of the hand washing process. This guarantees your clients and staff are washing their hands quickly and efficiently. Sink systems generally feature a soap dispenser, faucet, and trough-like sink. With those highlights, it can only get better with the lavatory sink systems that also have a hand dryer installed! Hand dryers like the XLERATORsync® are ideal for trough sink systems. Therefore, ensure you get the full, custom sink system ideal for the aesthetics and efficiency of your restroom.

Mobile Handwashing Stations

How the times have changed. We went from an old porcelain sink to a mobile/portable hand washing station. These portable handwashing stations allow you to wheel them to any convenient location. Locations like stadiums, farmer markets, tailgating events, pop-up vaccine locations, and really anywhere. Ideal for almost any outdoor event, companies like Zurn and Sloan are leading the way in this innovation. While hand sanitizers are appreciated in a porta-potty, nothing fights germs like soap and water. This goal is achievable with a portable hand wash station. Fights germs on the run by having a mobile station ready for any event!

Custom Lavatory Sink Systems

Good Design Solves Everything with D|13 Systems

The D13 Group sink system features the XLERATORsync® hand dryer and your choice of faucet and soap dispenser. Good design means you get a whole custom package to your liking ensuring a truly unique sink system in your restroom. These products are a masterpiece of form and function as they fuse the three hygienic, no-touch fixtures to one sink. This means the user can get soap, wash their hands, and dry them all without lifting there hands from the sink.

The trough like sink catches all excess soap and water allowing for a cleaner restroom floor. The D13 group sink system features the XLERATORsync® hand dryers and your choice of faucet and soap. You can choose from a long line of custom options to be installed in your D13 system meaning you have full control of the final design for your restroom's aesthetic. No competitor allows such creativity fused with good design. Good design solves everything! Call 877-837-7745 to order your D13 sink system today!

The Bradley Corp. All-In-One Advocate Lavatory System

The Bradley Advocate sink system allows anyone to easily wash their hands in one location. Bradley being one of the top pioneers for lavatory systems, continues to deliver. This leads to a system featuring completely touchless soap dispensers and faucets. Once your hands are clean, the built in hand dryer from Bradley quickly blows all the excess water down the drain. All of these pieces are houses on one unique, contemporary sink meaning no messes on the floor! Restrooms using the Advocate eliminate water spillage and paper towel usage saving money and the environment. The award-winning design features an ultra low-flow faucet! This development means a 24% water reduction. Clean, safe and comfortable usage leads to happy patrons of your restroom!

Zurn Sundara Handwashing Systems

The Zurn Sundara is a beautiful system that streamlines the restroom experience. Buying the unit means it all comes from one manufacturer, Zurn!  All of Sundara’s fixtures and components are built at Zurn leading to higher quality, faster lead times, and better pricing.

  • Sundara is the culmination of more than 10,000 research hours, 150 architect interviews and 26 trial prototypes.

  • Influenced by architects and crafted by audacious industrial designers

  • The system features modern lines, minimalistic drains, fashionable faucets, sophisticated soap dispensers and refined ergonomic features deliver charming–yet useful–touches.

Mobile/Portable Hand Washing Sink Systems

Sloan Valve Mobile Handwashing Stations

The Sloan Valve MH-2000 and MH-3000 feature sensor operated faucets attached to a mobile corian sink deck. The products are on four wheels allowing you to feature this device at any event needed. Whether at an outdoor or indoor event, everyone has access to wash their hands and dry them preventing the spread of germs. 

This stand-alone, mobile handwashing station brings hand hygiene beyond the restroom! Sloan created this customizable hygiene station on wheels to ensure it matches any facility aesthetic. The units pair attractive design and durability for high traffic use. Enhance health, wellness, and hygiene anywhere with Sloan Valve products. 

Zurn Portable Hand Wash Stations

Zurn features two new portable handwashing stations. Model numbers HYG1TP and HYG1ECO provide a portable solution for indoor or outdoor events. This means you can supply customers and staff with an easy to use way to keep their hands clean.

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction of 16 and 18 gauge, type 304
  •  Hand-free sensor faucet and mixing valve
  •  Large capacity washbasin measures 16” W x 22” L x 5” D
  •  Rear corner offset drain to reduce aerosolization
  •  Heavy-duty handle for easy portability
  •  Soap and towel dispensers
  •  Lockable access door
  • Easy to clean and maintain!

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