Maintenance Tips to Make Your Hand Dryers Last

Hand dryers are used constantly throughout the day in high traffic bathrooms. With such a high use, it is critical to look after them so that they last as long as possible. To do this best, first you should start by getting the right hand dryer. Here are some tips for choosing the right one for your business…

Access the best hand dryer for you:

If you don’t have a commercial hand dryer yet, it’s time. One of our recent blogs shows how you can save water and money with Xlerator Hand Dryers. Check it out!

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But, once you decided to get a hand dryer, which one should you get? This will vary depending on your company’s type, size, and personal needs. We can help you choose the right one for your business. Call us!

Tips to Maintain your Hand Dryers

Take good care of your hand dryers! Make them last as long as possible.

2) Clean your Hand Dryers

Cleaning regularly will only help your hand dryers last longer, as long as you do it right! To clean a hand dryer, remove dust regularly from the air inlet and outlets. We recommend doing this with a soft brush! Remember to regularly clean the exterior of the hand dryers, especially if your dryers aren’t automatic.

1) Inspect your Hand Dryers

How often you inspect your hand dryers depends on how often they are used. If your bathroom has low foot traffic, you might only need to inspect your hand dryers every year. However, if your bathroom is being used often and by many, you’ll have to start quarterly inspections.

3) Ask us for Advice

Every hand dryer has individual cleaning needs. When you’re purchasing hand dryers, ask for maintenance advice and best practices from our trained staff. If you’re not qualified to clean hand dryers, use trained technicians.

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