Manufacturer Spotlight: Scranton Products

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Scranton Products

Scranton Products is a nationally respected brand of toilet partition and lockers, that have extended their services into markets stretching across all of North America. At Newton Distributing, we are proud to carry Scranton Products due to their high-quality products and superior ethical standards.

The company, a division of CPG International LLC, a leader in the building products industry, specializes in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) products. HDPE bathroom toilet partitions are a highly dependable, eco-friendly style of partitions that resist scratches, dents, mildew, and graffiti.

History of Scranton

In the early mining days, the company recognized the inability of metal coal chutes to withstand the friction, moisture, and corrosive coal passing over them. This led to the creation of an HDPE coal chute with the assistance of Scranton. As the success of the HDPE coal chute spread so did its usages.

In 1978, Santana Products created the first HDPE toilet partition to replace traditional metal partitions that were struggling from many of the same issues the metal coal shoots were. As the usage of HDPE for toilet partitions grew, their ability to resist damage and vandalism became well known. This brought great success for the company, leading them to face competition from Capitol Partitions and Comtec. However, in the early 2000’s Comtec acquired the companies and rebranded them as today’s Scranton Products.

Eco-Friendly Partitions

Scranton Products not only offers highly durable bathroom partitions, but they also pride themselves on their product’s superior eco-friendly qualities. The company cares deeply about the environment and therefore uses recycled products to create sustainable bathroom partitions. Not only does the company offer partitions that are 100% post-consumer material, the partitions are also entirely recyclable themselves. Furthermore, with HDPE products, you don’t have to paint, which eliminates VOC emissions. The sustainability of partitions from Scranton Products can help you get LEED certified.

Market Leader In HDPE

Throughout the years, Scranton Products has been pointed to as a continual innovator with HDPE. The company has branched into lockers, partitions, stalls, benches, and more in order to perfect their usage of HDPE. Each innovation was created with the intent of providing companies with higher quality products that were sustainable and affordable.

Today, the company is a leader in HDPE partitions, operating out of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Scranton prides itself in possessing a massive distribution network, capable of servicing all of North America and many international countries.

To Learn More

For more information on Scranton Products, or how their partitions can be beneficial to your business, call us at 877-298-8037. Our experienced employees can offer you insight, design help, and a free quote in order to find bathroom partitions that best suit your needs.

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