How We Serve Schools, Colleges, & Universities

From pre-k to college, all schools need a restroom that can withstand high use by kids of all ages. These colorful, fun restrooms are built with durability in mind. Our staff makes sure our schools receive top of the line products, that are guaranteed to keep those in charge from worrying about the state of their restrooms. Hand dryers that eliminate the mess of paper towels and automatic faucets that keep kids from using all the soap are just a few of the most important pieces of a schools restroom. We even provide schools with safety equipment like eye wash stations for chemical labs and defibrillators in case of emergency. We’re your one stop shop for all the necessary school fixtures.

Changing the Industry

Products likes the XLERATOR hand dryer provide money savings, eco-friendly solutions, and safety measures that are a full package solution for any restroom. Learn more about XLERATORs and other relevant products to your industry.