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Our Main Corporate Offices are Located in Massachusetts

We provide toilet partition materials across the entire country! An added benefit to our service versus competitors is that we can provide you qualified toilet partition installers from your area. Newton Distributing has been around for close to 20 years and we’ve made a lot of friends along the way. We strive to build lasting, trusted relationships with installers and customers. This benefits everyone, you get the best toilet partitions and washroom accessories as well as trusted people to install these products. Commercial bathrooms done right. That’s our job.

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How Do We Service Your Area with Toilet Partitions and Accessories?

Our Natick office features our corporate offices but we also have a sister company, Newton BSI. Newton Building Specialties & Installation handles all bidding in the New England states of Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Newton BSI specializes in specs and takeoffs as well as handling all Division 9 & 10 products and installations. 

Call 508-439-4941 or visit their website to lean more:


Newton is no stranger to Alabama and their restroom needs. Whether it is Birmingham, Huntsville, or McMullen, we have had success in providing customers with top quality toilet partitions and accessories. 


We have never visited Anchorage, but we have sold restroom accessories to Alaska. Of course there is a small time delay when shipping to Alaska, but that hasn’t stopped us from completing projects.


Phoenix has a special place in our hearts. Arizona is always booming with projects and we are hear to answer their calls. Glendale, Tucson, Mesa, or wherever you are, we have gotten toilet partitions shipped your way. 


Plenty of installers in Arkansas have good words about our services. Arkansas is full of hard working contractors ready to take our call to install your toilet partitions. We are here to help Fayetteville all the way to Little Rock and Jonesboro.


California is huge, but we are there to supply and ship anywhere we are needed. We have toilet partitions manufacturers in California ready to ship ASAP. Sacramento to San Diego, we got this! Let us help you get the best partitions with the best installers. 


Our team has traveled to Denver and enjoyed everything there is to enjoy in Colorado. Our trusted installers in Lakewood have helped with time sensitive stall installations. Our experience in all 50 states, guaranteeing the best service in the industry. 


I love Delaware. Newton isn’t far from Wilmington or Dover, a few hours of driving and we can meet for a lunch break. More importantly, we have toilet partition installers on speed dial to help with your projects. 


We don’t have favorites, but Florida is a place we work constantly. We have a large list of trusted installers all over Florida. Miami, Jacksonville, or Lakeland, we have someone nearby to help order and install your stalls.


No offence to Florida, but we are very involved with Georgia. We may even open an office to really show our devotion to Atlanta or Columbus. Call us, we are more local than your current toilet partition supplier. 


Hawaii is a little further than we normally work, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t here to help you. We have had a lot of projects in the Honolulu area. There may be some longer lead times, but let us help on your next order.


Get the best toilet partitions shipped directly to Boise, Nampa, or wherever you need us. We have an installer ready to help too. Our restroom accessories are the lowest priced in the country. Trust us. 


Our long list of manufacturers and installers for toilet partitions is a benefit to you. I will fly to Chicago right now for a pizza in order to prove it. Also, the Polish food, it’s better than Poland. I would know, I’ve been twice.


We do too much work in Indiana. I am kidding. Indianapolis is a hot spot for us for both customers and installers. Our toilet partitions are highly loved in your state, especially in Carmel and South Bend. 


You’ve got to love Des Moines and Cedar Rapids for all the opportunities you have provide Newton Distributing. Hard working installers are there to help us help you with your stalls and accessories. 


What a great state for riding a Harley and enjoying life. Instead, we are here making calls and supplying the best toilet stalls on the market to Kansas. Don’t believe us? Call and find out for yourself! We are here. 


Bourbon country! Love it, so does the whole office. Not during working hours of course, we are too busy supplying Covington and Louisville with toilet partitions and lockers. But after work, we appreciate Kentucky. 


I will never understand why we live in Massachusetts instead of New Orleans. As a result though, we take toilet partitions too seriously and are always working with our installers in Lafayette. 


As a crab guy who has tried all the varieties, Maryland is top choice. I drive through Baltimore teach year to admire the toilet partitions we’ve installed at all the wonderful restaurants. Wish I was there now. 


Grand Rapids has toilet partitions flying off the shelves like a Ford off the showroom floor. We admire the great products manufactured, but more importantly the hard working people of Michigan. 


Go Vikings! It feels like Duluth and Saint Paul seem to keep us busy with all the great restroom projects going on. We have some great installers ready to show up and get the work done any day. Everyday. 


Another state where we have a long list of toilet partition installers from Oxford to Biloxi. We work hard to make sure you and your customers are happy with our stalls and restroom accessories.


Stop calling us Missouri, we cannot keep up with your hard working demand. Kidding, please call us, we love the business. Get toilet partitions and a knowledgeable installer quickly from our office to Kansas City.


Beautiful Montana. Our services seem to be highly appreciated in Montana. Billings has been a recent hot spot and we appreciate that. We appreciate Montana and the strong drive behind your work ethic. Keep it up. 


Lincoln to Chadron, we keep busy working on bids in Nebraska. The views while driving down the 385 are enough to keep someone humble and appreciative of the great state of Nebraska. Thank you for your business!

New Jersey & New York

Why combine the two states here? Because we love you both evenly. We are in Massachusetts, so we have had to drive to both New York and New Jersey to help finalize multiple toilet partitions projects. These two states account for a large percentage of our overall business and we shall continue to thrive there. 

New Mexico

So many good movie and show references for New Mexico and I will refrain from saying them. Roswell was pretty epic though. I will stop now, mainly because they don’t have any memorable scenes with toilet partitions. We are here to talk about toilet partitions, remember? We do have installers locally and can help on your restroom project.

North Carolina

I am trying to convince my wife to let me move to the Outer Banks. She said no since she wants to come with me. Jokes aside, North Carolina is an amazing state with great cities like Charlotte and Raleigh. Of course we have installers and ship toilet partitions almost every day. We know your state inside and out and love working with you. 

North Dakota

Should I make a Fargo reference? Love the movie and show, but more importantly, we love helping North Dakota with their toilet partition needs. We have manufacturers close by for fast shipping times. 


I truly hope the Cleveland Browns and Mayfield have another great season. Good luck and we will be here to help you install your toilet partitions. We handle lots of projects in Ohio and continues to grow.


I know the movie Broken Arrow wasn’t filmsed in Oklahoma, but we do have customers in the actual city. Love John Travolta. We do have a nice list of installers in Tulsa and Lawton on a serious note. 


There are some great cities in Oregon and some wonderful people. The hard work is truly appreciated when we bid a job and work with you. Portland and Salem are a couple of busy spots for partitions. I wonder if Portlandia ever did a skit about that. 


We don’t like to talk about the Super Bowl since we are from Massachusetts, but wow, it was a crazy one. We find ourselves working in Philly and Pittsburgh every single day. It’s also crazy that toilet partitions are such a hot item there, and we love to provide them. 

South Carolina

Keep the business coming our way from wonderful Charleston and Columbia. Toilet partitions and restroom accessories plus installation, it’s great business down there. The kindness of your communities keeps us humble and happy to work in your towns.

South Dakota

Let’s visit Rapid City and Sioux Falls to ensure our toilet partitions meet all of your criteria. You will love the quality and stylings of what we have to offer. We have all the brand names, so you can meet any demand.


I would give my foot to hop around Nashville with some drinks and friends. Unfortunately for me, I am stuck in Massachusetts. Fortunately, we are only a phone call away to get toilet partitions to your job site. 


Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, I’ve seen them all in various movies. Texas is popular! It’s wild how much business is happening in Texas. Trust us on your next stall job, we are big enough to impress you.


As a big Karl Malone fan, it’s a shame I’ve never been able to visit Utah before. Luckily I get to interact with the great people of Utah and cities like Salt Kale City and Provo everyday. 


There’s a big Boston sports presence in Virginia. There is also a large Newton presence with all the great pricing on toilet partitions we provide you. Call us and we will get an installer to your job ASAP.


Gorgeous Washington is truly a site to see. We offer toilet partitions, so it’s not quite as pretty as the mountains. Seattle alone keeps up busy, but we welcome all of Washington to call us up for some toilet stalls. 

West Virginia

West Virginia has some amazing tourist attractions and granted a toilet partition isn’t one of them, but we are here to serve. Get your stalls through us and we can get an installer on site too. 


If Aaron Rodgers needs to come to the Patriots, I am totally okay with that. In the mean time, we will continue supplying Green Bay and Milwaukee with toilet partitions and the top installers. In return, send us Rodgers. 


Can I make a Casper the ghost reference since Casper is a great city? Kidding. We are often in Cheyenne (virtually) discussing stall measurements and the best installation methods with contractors though.

You can also send us a fax of your toilet partition layout to 617-969-4071

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