Toilet Partitions Q&A

Not all toilet partitions are the same.

The materials you select make a big difference for the type of building you own or manage. For example, you’ll want to select graffiti-resistant partitions for schools and elegant partitions for a luxury corporate office.

This is important for your building’s appearance and for your janitorial staff whose job it is to clean the partitions. Some partitions are highly resistant to scratches and can be buffed with ordinary cleaning products.

At Newton Distributing, our trained experts answer many questions about toilet partitions. These are among the most frequently asked:

I manage a school building. What are some of the graffiti-resistant materials for partitions that will make it easy for my janitorial staff to erase?

Two graffiti-resistant materials are solid plastic and color-thru phenolic. Solid plastic features a solid color throughout so that any minor scratches can often be successfully repaired. Solid plastic toilet partitions offer great graffiti resistance, so it’s an ideal choice for any busy public facility. Most graffiti can be cleaned without leaving any trace. Color-thru phenolic is impact-, scratch- and graffiti-resistant and has excellent screw-holding power. True to its name, this product’s uniform color resists damage and discourages vandalism and abuse. It also is strong, durable and low-maintenance.

My firm is designing a luxury office building. What do you recommend for toilet partitions?

Stainless steel is highly resilient and retains its gleaming beauty for years. The elegance of stainless steel complements any design scheme. Because it’s corrosion-resistant, even scratches can be buffed out.

Can Newton Distributing help me design a layout for my commercial toilets?

Yes, you can use our quote form to do that. The quote form lets you fill out important details such as the materials you need, the mounting style and the width and depth of each stall. Download it here (need link)

For a fast and accurate quote for your bathroom stalls, you can fill out the form on the Newton Distributing website by clicking here (Need link).

When you’re done, press the “submit” button. If you prefer, you can fax forms and drawings to us at 617-969-4071. Our staff of trained experts is available by phone to assist and provide you with a best-price guarantee at 877.837.7745.

If I find a better price on the internet, can you match it?

Yes, everyone loves a deal. Newton Distributing is so confident that it offers customers a price-match guarantee for any of its commercial toilet products and supplies. Find a better internet price and Newton will match it.

You can browse and shop on Newton’s website, but if you’d like to speak with a professional and friendly person who can answer your questions right away, call at 877-995-3454.

Can I use a purchase order instead of a credit card to buy toilet partitions?

You can complete a purchase order instead of a credit card if you have a valid account or your organization is a municipality, a publicly traded company, a school, college, university or health care facility. Complete your order by calling 877.837.7745.

If you have more questions about toilet partitions, call Newton Distributing and get a quick answer from one of our professionals at 877-995-3454.

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