1. Materials & Dimensions

Each Toilet Partitions Material has Unique Properties.
In order to receive a stall quote, you must select a toilet partition material & have the dimensions of the bathroom. These stall dimensions are vital to an accurate quote.

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2. Create a Layout

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The Four Common Toilet Partition Mounting Options for Your Restroom

Headrail / Overhead Brace Mounted Toilet Partitions

Floor Braced Mounted Toilet Partitions

Ceiling Hung Mount Toilet Partitions

Floor to Ceiling Mounted Toilet Partitions

Toilet Partition Hardware
Toilet partitions have many parts to help complete the full stalls. Though Newton Distributing Company does not specialize in toilet partition hardware, we can help get certain items or provide you with the best vendor for the needed items. Various latches, and door hardware items are a common upgrade for your stalls. We generally provide the best options when quoting your project, but if you receive them and wish to upgrade after, we can help direct you to the best place to purchase these items. There are various post sizes in width and height. These posts and wall brackets come in standard sizes, but for any project, we can special order anything that may be needed to complete your bathroom job. Piano hinges can run the full length of the stall doors ensuring for more privacy. Many companies are switching to higher privacy toilet partitions. This allows customers and staff to feel more comfortable when using the facilities. We can offer full privacy stalls for your restroom, from full length hinges and flanges that cover the gaps. It looks clean, is just as easy maintenance, and the privacy is a win for everyone.

Please Note: Newton Distributing Company has a team of experts who are ready to pick up the phone. We don’t bounce you around in an automated, recorded phone system, we believe in our members and their experience to help you with your quote today!

Submit an image of  your drawings using the form below. This is the quickest way to get your information to us so we can start working on your quote! You can also use your email to send us all of your information to sales@newtondistributing.com!

    • Please select the type of material preferred for your restroom.
    • Please select how the stalls will be installed.
  • Please label clearly which drawings are for the Men's and/or Women's restroom in the file name, or on the image itself.


Compare Toilet Partition Materials Below

There are many different types of toilet partitions, each with their own purpose. If you have any questions about the types or what type of material or mounting type you would need for a particular situation, we are happy to help and advise. Give us a call at 877-837-7745!

What goes into a toilet partition?

Every restroom needs a few key items. Sinks, faucets, soap dispensers, paper towels or hand dryers, toilet paper, grab bars, toilets, and flush valves are the basic essentials. These items are needed whether you have on stall or fourteen. When you have a larger bathroom that does need toilet compartments, then these key items are more than a necessity. An ADA toilet stall will absolutely need grab bars, generally with a peened finish to give a better grip. These toilet compartments are larger to allow more access for those who may be in a wheelchair, but the toilet itself should be at an ADA height. The standard stalls will feature some of the same items as the ADA unit, such as your choice of a surface mounted or partition-mounted toilet paper dispenser. Many of these dispensers allow for more multiple rolls of toilet tissue ensuring for less maintenance needs and costs. Having large roll or multiple roll tissue dispensers are perfect for public, high traffic environments. Schools and gyms benefit from some of these same products.

Beside dispensers, inside your standard stall you will of course find a toilet, but in order for the toilet to work, you need a flush valve. In recent times, automatic touch-free flush valves or flushometers allow for water savings and energy efficiency. Installing a brand name flush valve is a huge benefit to ensure it can take on high traffic environments. Automatic units in a stall also allow for less vandalism as no one will need to be rough with the fixtures. Some last additional items in your toilet compartments are jacket hooks, easily installed into the stall door. Napkin disposal units are crucial for a women’s restroom. These napkin disposals allow for used tampons or napkins to be disposed in a hygienic manner. These units also prevent people from flushing a used tampon, which can cause toilet back ups from clogs. We mentioned grab bars are essential for handicap stalls, but some choose to incorporate them into every stall for user safety. Last, toilet seat cover dispensers dispense flushable covers for one to put down before sitting on the toilet. These dispensers can be surface mounted above the toilet, or even recessed into the wall. There are units designed to be recessed into the toilet partition wall as well, these require more time for installation of course. Some choose to incorporate freshener units into the toilet to help reduce smell, or mats to help avoid moisture on the floor, these items aren’t essential but a nice touch for any public restroom stall. 

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