Why get a Water Cooler for the Office?

We all need to stay hydrated, especially during work and especially because a portion of our job performance is directly related to our hydration.

For some, tap water might be fine to keep employees hydrated, but there is always a chance that your tap water might be unsafe! Get it tested to make sure this is a viable option. If your tap water is unsafe or if you’d like to give your employees an easier, more professional option, consider purchasing a water cooler.

Boost Job Performance with a Hydrated Team

If you want to foster a more productive work environment, get a water cooler for the office! Studies show that if we are even 2% dehydrated, our cognitive and motor skills drop.

Here are some exciting bonuses to keeping your team hydrated. Your employees will:

  1. Think more clearly
  2. Take less sick days for dehydrated-related illness
  3. Be less tired and stressed
  4. Concentrate better and be happier

Make it Easier to Follow OSHA Regulations

Water coolers are a great option to easily follow OSHA standards. Here’s what OSHA states in its guidelines:

  1. Employers must provide clean and drinkable water
  2. Employers must provide enough water for employees needs
  3. Water must be provided from a clean, covered source

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