Water-Bottle Filling Station FAQ’s

Drinking water throughout the day is part of an essential healthy lifestyle.

You probably have water bottles you bring to the office or the health club to stay properly hydrated. These bottles are popular promotional items and you may have a favorite that keeps your water cold and is easy to use.

But like most people, you have a hard time filling the water bottle at the drinking fountain. Often, the bottle is too tall and you have to hold it at an angle and you can only fill it up halfway or it’ll make a spill. You’re not keen on using the kitchen faucet to fill it up, either.

The good news is building owners and managers are taking note. They’re installing water-bottle filling stations that provide convenience for filling up tall bottles and healthy filtered water to quench your thirst. Many models also comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, a law that mandates accessibility for people who are disabled.

What’s more, these filling stations help the environment. That’s because people reuse their own bottles instead of purchasing throw-away plastic bottles, reducing waste. You can see a variety of bottle-filling stations available from Newton Distributing here https://www.newtondistributing.com/surface-mounted-bottle-filling-station .

What is a water-bottle filling station?

Water-bottle filling stations are water fountains that pour from the top into a standing bottle. Usually they’re part of a unit that also includes a common drinking fountain.

They’re ideal for health clubs, offices, airports, schools and parks where people often bring their own water bottles. It’s one of those conveniences that your tenants and guests will appreciate when it’s installed.

For example, manufacturer Elkay makes bottle-filling stations that pour three times faster than a standard drinking fountain. What’s more, the water is filtered so it’s cleaner than water you might get
from a kitchen faucet without a filter.

Elkay model even has an electronic sensor that provides touchless, sanitary operation. You can view all the Elkay EZH20 models by visiting the manufacturer’s website here http://www.elkay.com/drinking-solutions/bottle-filling-stations .

Haws is another manufacturer of bottle-filling stations, including some that are stand-alone units. You can read more about their models here https://www.hawsco.com/hydration-station/bottle-fillers/ .

Retrofit and maintenance

You can retrofit existing water fountains with bottle-filling stations.

For example, Elkay says it takes about one to two hours to retrofit by an experienced and recommended service technician. A qualified installer will have the necessary tools to do the job right.

By contrast, replacing the water filter is simple. You don’t need to turn off the water and anyone can do it. Just use warm soapy water regularly to keep the station clean.

Call Newton Distributing to learn more about water bottle-filling stations and how you can incorporate them in your building. Our staff of experts can provide you with the answers you need when you call 877-995-3454.

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