About Us

The Challenge

Prior to 1995, traditional 30-second hand dryers were all the world knew. You know the ones; press the button, place your hands under the nozzle for 30 seconds, give them a shake and then wipe the remaining water on your pants. The world had become complacent… figuring that was just the way it was. Excel Dryer had a vision for something bigger; something better.

The Response

XLERATOR hand dryers were launched by Excel Dryer in 2001 to address the need for a ‘better mousetrap’. It was the first high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryer on the market and, better still, was made in the USA (XLERATOR video). When XLERATOR was first released though, hand dryer sales still lagged… why? The problem was that people were accustomed to the traditional slow hand dryers that took forever to dry their hands.

That reality, along with the fact that the traditional channels of distribution included electrical and janitorial distributors where electric hand dryers were an occasional and often ‘one time sale’. This was counter-intuitive to a traditional distribution model that relied on repeat business from its customers. So, through no fault of their own, the XLERATOR hand dryer product was lost in the hundreds of pages of products already offered by the established distributors.

The Opportunity

Excel Dryer is a great brand and XLERATOR is a great hand dryer. The problem was that no one knew it. No one knew the difference, nor did they care. Newton Distributing was established in 2002 to capture the opportunity presented by the existence of an effective high-speed, energy efficient hand dryer. We cared. 

We started with a very simple idea. The idea that if we became experts on a few products in commercial bathrooms rather than offering a huge catalog about which we knew very little, we could be more successful in spreading the word about the XLERATOR and provide world-class services to our customer base.

When we first demonstrated XLERATOR at trade shows like NRA in Chicago, the Choice Hotel Group in California or the New England Food Show in Boston, you can imagine the skepticism we saw on peoples’ faces, expecting more of the same slow hand dryer experience. Instead, they were greeted with a focused blast of high velocity air that dried their hands quickly and effectively. What a revelation! From then on the popularity of Newton Distributing and the XLERATOR hand dryer grew and grew.

By 2006, our customers had been enjoying our service and hand dryers for four years and they began to ask “What else do you guys offer?”. That same year, we were proud to have been the company chosen to work with Target Corp. and CVS stores to develop their first ever ‘bathroom in a box’ program. By collaborating with their corporate purchasers, designers, construction managers, manufacturers and our own experts, we engineered a solution for all of our valued clients that resulted in a lower cost, consistent, predictable and reliable solution for the supply of restroom fixtures and accessories to our clients’ new construction and remodel projects.

As our expertise grew, we expanded our product offerings to include prestigious plumbing lines such Sloan Valve, Zurn, Delta, Elkay, and Oasis, to name a few. We also began to work with leading toilet accessory lines such as ASI Group, Bobrick, Bradley, AJW, Symmons and Moen. Our toilet partition lines now include Global, Hadrian, Bobrick, Scranton, Flushmetal, Knickerbocker, AMPCO, AJW and others. Other complimentary product categories include fire extinguisher cabinets, corner guards, AEDs, scullery sinks, faucets, baby changing stations, medicine cabinets, healthcare accessories, access panels, wall protection, safety equipment, and more.


Fifteen years later, XLERATOR hand dryers are still made at the same factory, albeit a larger one, in E. Longmeadow, Massachusetts USA and is the best-selling high-speed electric hand dryer in the world. Newton Distributing needed a much larger space as well, so in 2015 we purchased a 45,000 square foot warehouse in Natick, Massachusetts that has become our new home. All of this has enabled Newton Distributing to become one of the most capable and trusted distributors of commercial restroom plumbing fixtures and toilet accessories in the country.

No matter our size or the number of products we offer, we are still here for one reason, to serve You, our customer. We want to thank all of the customers that we have worked with in the past that have helped bring us to where we are today. With your continued support, as well as the support of new customers that we will soon meet, Newton Distributing will continue its mission to provide world-class products and services to the commercial construction industry.