Choosing the Right Material for your Commercial Partition
If you haven’t given much thought to commercial-toilet partitions, think again. Choosing the right material for your commercial bathroom partitions is an important decision that has financial implications for building owners and maintenance teams. Selecting the right commercial partition depends on many factors such as your budget, who uses the restrooms and how easy it is for your janitorial team to clean.
Are Hand Dryers Cleaner Than Paper Towels?
If you’re wondering whether hand dryers are cleaner than paper towels, consider the experience of a major hospital system in Chicago. In a case study published by Excel Dryer, Northwestern Memorial Hospital launched a major hand-washing campaign in 2010. Aimed at employees, patients and visitors, the campaign urged people to wash their hands regularly because 80% of infections are transmitted by touch.
Wall Mounted Changing Tables for Commercial Bathrooms
Baby changing stations are ubiquitous in commercial bathrooms for both men and women and young parents are grateful for the convenience. A wall-mounted changing table is now a must-have item for any commercial bathroom. Once rare, people now expect the folding tables that let parents conveniently change their children’s diapers and clothes off the floor. What’s more, a wall-mounted changing table’s advantage is that it can fold up to save valuable space. Selecting the right wall-mounted changing table for commercial bathrooms can be a daunting task, but fortunately Newton Distributing’s experts can help you select the right one from one of several manufacturers.
Choosing the Right Commercial Soap Dispenser for Your Project
Commercial soap dispensers come in a variety of styles and functions. Selecting the right dispenser isn’t has easy as it seems at first blush. Choosing between a manual or automatic soap dispenser and deciding whether you prefer the wall-mounted or counter models can have a significant impact on maintenance.
The Hand Dryer vs. Paper Towel Debate for Commercial Bathrooms
Gillette Stadium in Boston, home to the New England Patriots football team, has seen plenty of memorable matchups. But off the field, the stadium was also the location of a contest in the bathroom between paper towels and hand dryers.
The Importance of Anti-Graffiti Toilet Partitions
We’ve all seen graffiti on the toilet partitions of public restrooms. While we may be offended by the messages scrawled on the toilet partitions, the feeling of insecurity we get is undeniable. Graffiti is an act of vandalism that sends the message that no one cares for the facilities or for our safety.
XLERATOReco: The Latest in Sustainable Commercial Restrooms
The University of Reading in Great Britain has been at the forefront of research in sustainability and the environment for decades, so it is leading by example. With over 17,000 students from 141 countries and nearly 4,000 members on staff, the university has committed to mitigating its own environmental impact and reducing its carbon footprint by 35% by 2016 and 45% by 2020.
Customizing Your Commercial Bathroom Project
Switching from paper towels to hand dryers isn’t just about the cost savings and the energy efficiency, it’s also about good marketing and public relations. Newton Distributing works with Excel Dryer to create custom covers for its XLERATOR line of hand dryers. Fact is, there’s an opportunity to market your product everywhere your customers may be, even in the bathroom.
Your Ultimate Commercial Bathroom Supplies Check List
Commercial bathrooms are high-traffic areas, so it pays to be prepared with the right equipment and supplies. Fortunately, Newton Distributing can help keep your commercial bathroom running smoothly. Here is the ultimate commercial bathroom supplies check list for a facility manager or building owner. Use this list to build a fully equipped commercial bathroom or to maintain an existing one.
What is ADA Compliance? The Importance of Following ADA Compliance Guidelines for Your Commercial Bathroom Project
You’ve probably heard the term ADA, but what does it mean for your commercial bathroom project? First, some background.
Newton Services Update: Custom Toilet Partition Quotes

We proudly say this because it simply is the truth. We offer a quoting system that is not commonly found in the restroom industry. We are a group of truly experienced specialists and for almost ten years, the same team has worked together to develop a system that works for the client: you.
The New Eclipse Partitions from Scranton Offer "No-Sight" Privacy

Edge Partitions White

Newton Distributing offers the new Eclipse Partitions from Scranton which are designed to offer superior privacy for any restroom. These stalls are manufactured with an overall contemporary look and design that modernizes any restroom out there. This design features an innovative hinge and post that protects the user with the no sight into the stall. These stalls are also made from durable HDPE material which guarantees dent resistance, no rust, and easy maintenance partitions for the washroom.