Your Ultimate Commercial Bathroom Supplies Check List
Commercial bathrooms are high-traffic areas, so it pays to be prepared with the right equipment and supplies. Fortunately, Newton Distributing can help keep your commercial bathroom running smoothly. Here is the ultimate commercial bathroom supplies check list for a facility manager or building owner. Use this list to build a fully equipped commercial bathroom or to maintain an existing one.
What is ADA Compliance? The Importance of Following ADA Compliance Guidelines for Your Commercial Bathroom Project
You’ve probably heard the term ADA, but what does it mean for your commercial bathroom project? First, some background.
Newton Services Update: Custom Toilet Partition Quotes

We proudly say this because it simply is the truth. We offer a quoting system that is not commonly found in the restroom industry. We are a group of truly experienced specialists and for almost ten years, the same team has worked together to develop a system that works for the client: you.
The New Eclipse Partitions from Scranton Offer "No-Sight" Privacy

Edge Partitions White

Newton Distributing offers the new Eclipse Partitions from Scranton which are designed to offer superior privacy for any restroom. These stalls are manufactured with an overall contemporary look and design that modernizes any restroom out there. This design features an innovative hinge and post that protects the user with the no sight into the stall. These stalls are also made from durable HDPE material which guarantees dent resistance, no rust, and easy maintenance partitions for the washroom.
3 Ways to Get Toilet Partitions Faster!
Restroom stalls are a necessity in commercial restrooms across the US. Toilet partitions protect patron's privacy as business is being conducted. So ensure that when your restroom project is coming up that you allow yourself ample time to get your measurements done. Deadlines come up fast, so ensure you grant yourself at least an extra week worth of time to complete the project without having to rush frantically to complete the project.
The Age Old Question: Restroom Hand Dryers vs Paper Towels?
XLERATORs in restrooms are becoming the popular choice in the question of hand dryers vs. paper towels hygiene. These hand dryers are often selected due to their hygienic, environmental and economic benefits. Though it is still a popular belief that this is not true due to past studies which focus on older drying models which are now outdated.
Happy New Year and Thank You for Your Business!
Newton Distributing would like to thank you all for your business this year! We have had a great year and look forward to having another fun filled year with our wonderful customers. We continue to offer the best pricing available on hand dryers and toilet partitions provided by our trained team of restroom experts. We are expecting some new products this year from many of our manufacturers and are excited to be able to offer them first on our site. So stay tuned for more great restroom products that will help you complete your projects and save you money with environmentally friendly items.
Newton Distributing Company will be displaying February 16 - 18, 2014 at the RFMA Annual Conference. The event will be held at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Conference Center in Dallas Texas, so if you are going, please make sure to visit our booth and meet the Newton team! This show is a great gathering of Restaurant Facility Professionals and Vendors where you will find Newton Distributing in the middle of all the action. Our booth, number 420 is toward the center of the show and our team is there ready to meet with you and discuss the best products for your restaurant.
Today is Global Handwashing Day!
Global Handwashing Day is upon us! The goal of this day is to raise awareness of the importance of hand washing with soap. Although people around the world wash their hands with water, few wash their hands thoroughly with soap. With hands being carriers of disease causing pathogens, soap is essential to interrupting the transmission of these germs.
The Growing Prominence of Diaper Changing Stations
People like to visit businesses that make their experience there easy. That’s part of the whole reason not just for having restrooms, but for having clean and well-stocked restrooms. If you didn’t provide that for your customers, how likely would they be to come back, knowing that you didn’t have all the amenities they might need when not in their own home? That’s how baby changing stations came to be in the first place.
Integrating Operations and Circulation into your Restroom Design
Restrooms have unquestioningly changed over time as they grow more efficient and more specific to the businesses that install them. Granted, the major components of a bathroom have not changed dramatically in the past sixty years. What has changed is how we conceive of the restroom and what each business wants out of their design for one. Many environmental factors contribute to the components you choose for your restroom.
Division 10 Products from Newton
In construction, there are certain laws and specifications that must be recognized in order to build a safe, accessible building. These laws don’t just apply to new buildings, though. Whether you are constructing a building from the ground up or simply remodeling an existing building, you must always build with the law in mind.