Tips for Customizing Your Commercial Bathroom Project
Every commercial building is different, so why should your bathroom project look like every other? Customizing your commercial bathroom project will emphasize the ambiance you want to project to your tenants and visitors. For example, the bathroom in a luxury office building should look different than those you might find in an institutional building such as a hospital.
Three Reasons to Get Custom Hand Dryers for Your Commercial Bathroom
Any good business owner will carefully weigh expenses when evaluating hand dryers for commercial bathrooms. After all, as the manager or owner of a commercial building it’s your business to know what it’ll cost to operate hand dryers because it’s your job to manage those expenses and keep tenants satisfied.
Top Products for your Country Club Locker Room
Whether you’ve played 18 holes of golf all afternoon or volleyed on the tennis court early in the morning, the country club locker room is a refuge for athletes. That’s why it takes careful planning to properly equip your country club locker room with the top products that an upscale clientele expects. Fortunately, the trained staff at Newton Distributing can help check all the products you might need so nothing’s forgotten.
Tips for Designing Your Bathroom Stall Layout
You don’t have to be a famous architect to design your bathroom-stall layout. Newton Distributing will make it easy for you using selections of products you can choose on our website and forms you can use to create and send a layout to our trained experts.
Eight-Second Dry Time: An Overview of XLERATOR Hand Dryers
Hand dryer technology has come a long way since the days when clunky machines started replacing paper towels. Remember having to stand for a minute waiting for your hands to dry in a commercial restroom? Sometimes it seemed your hands would never dry.
Manual or Automatic? Hand Dryers for Commercial Bathrooms
There are all kinds of hand dryers for commercial bathrooms, but the keys to selecting the right one comes down to hygiene, cost, and environmental impact. Here’s one thing for sure: washing your hands properly has more impact on hygiene than drying. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention doesn’t advocate one method of drying your hands over another.
Automatic Faucets vs. Manual Faucets for Commercial Restrooms
Commercial buildings such as offices, schools, hospitals and restaurants use a significant amount of water because of the volume of people that use the restrooms. Building owners and managers have started to recognize the significant savings they can achieve by carefully considering water consumption. As part of that, they consider automatic faucets versus manual faucets for commercial restrooms. Unfortunately, the evidence isn’t clear that one kind of faucet is more water-efficient than another, though new technology is changing the way faucets are designed. That’s why you need to speak with experts at Newton Distributing who can steer you to the right faucets for your commercial restrooms.
How to Make Your Public Bathroom Sustainable
You’ve probably heard the term “sustainable” used in conversations about building design. At its core, a sustainable development is designed to meet current needs without compromising the next generation’s ability to satisfy their own needs at the expense of the environment. Part of the definition of sustainability focuses on conservation of natural resources such as water, fuel, and plants. Public policy makers encourage this by requiring environmentally friendly building codes and subsidizing conservation efforts. Businesses realize that there is a payback for sustainable development, too. That’s because new technologies let building owners and managers run their properties more efficiently and bathrooms can be a significant source of savings.
The Best Types of Commercial Bathroom Sinks
When it comes to commercial bathrooms, it’s important to carefully consider the right sinks. For example, schools might need rugged sinks that keep splashing to a minimum while office buildings might need a more refined look. Airports and other public buildings with lots of people coming through might need sinks that can withstand repeated use and cleaning. Fact is, the best types of commercial bathroom sink for one building might not be appropriate for another. That’s why Newton Distributing’s expertly trained team members can help you select the best types of commercial bathroom sinks.
Tips for a Smooth Toilet Partitions Order Process
Getting a toilet partition quote for your commercial bathroom is easy with Newton Distributing. We can help draw a toilet partition layout, select appropriate materials, and help you achieve any style for your commercial bathroom. We stock all major toilet-partition brands and materials. The best way to get a quote is to give us a call at (617) 969-4002. Our trained experts will answer your phone call and do your drawing for you. For a smooth toilet-partition order process, follow these three easy steps: select materials and dimensions, create a layout, and send it to us.
Manufacturer Spotlight: Hadrian Toilet Partitions
Hadrian Manufacturing is a worldwide supplier of quality toilet partitions and lockers. When you call Newton Distributing Company, you’ll speak with a knowledgeable professional about top-rated products made by companies such as Hadrian. Hadrian has always been at the vanguard of new commercial toilet products. It was the first manufacturer to powder-coat toilet partitions and has continued to embrace new technologies and materials to offer architects, designers and end-users more flexibility in design.
Commercial Bathroom Supplies for Schools
School’s out, but that doesn’t mean the maintenance staff isn’t busy. School can be a busy place in the summer because the staff can replace equipment without interruption from children. What’s more, classes aren’t in session so the staff doesn’t have to worry about making any noise. Summer is a good time to review commercial bathrooms supplies for school. Newton Distributing’s building specialty and restroom products will ensure your commercial bathroom will be ready when children return to school in the fall.