ADA Commercial Bathroom Floorplans

How hard is it to design a commercial bathroom? Turns out, it’s a lot more complicated than you might think. One of the reasons is that building owners must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Congress passed the ADA law in 1990 to prohibit discrimination and ensure equal opportunity for persons with disabilities in […]

Commercial Washroom Cleaning Tips

Cleaning commercial washrooms is hard work. As a building owner and manager, you know keeping your commercial washrooms clean is a top priority. Let’s be honest: Sometimes it’s a struggle because people can be messy. In some buildings such as schools and public facilities, vandalism and graffiti can be especially frustrating. That’s because it can […]

Why Your Toilet Partitions Matter

Why Your Toilet Partitions Matter You spend countless hours working hard to perfect the performance and appearance of your business. Your employees are well trained and hard-working, and your storefront is flawless. But what about your bathrooms? While they are not directly contributing to your bottom line, bathrooms should not be overlooked by any business […]

Are Hand Dryers Cleaner Than Paper Towels?


If you’re wondering whether hand dryers are cleaner than paper towels, consider the experience of a major hospital system in Chicago. In a case study published by Excel Dryer, Northwestern Memorial Hospital launched a major hand-washing campaign in 2010. Aimed at employees, patients and visitors, the campaign urged people to wash their hands regularly because 80% of […]

How Commercial Washroom Products Can Save You Money

commercial washroom

Commercial washrooms can be money pits. Building owners and managers know that paper towels, soap, water and other products can jack up expenses that take away from a commercial building’s profit. Bathroom supplies really add up over time. The public isn’t aware of your costs, either. How many times have you entered a commercial bathroom […]

Manufacturer Spotlight: Scranton Products

toilet partition

Scranton Products Scranton Products is a nationally respected brand of toilet partition and lockers, that have extended their services into markets stretching across all of North America. At Newton Distributing, we are proud to carry Scranton Products due to their high-quality products and superior ethical standards. The company, a division of CPG International LLC, a […]

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