Manufacturer Spotlight: Hadrian Toilet Partitions


Hadrian Manufacturing is a worldwide supplier of quality toilet partitions and lockers. When you call Newton Distributing Company, you’ll speak with a knowledgeable professional about top-rated products made by companies such as Hadrian. Hadrian has always been at the vanguard of new commercial toilet products. It was the first manufacturer to powder-coat toilet partitions and has […]

Commercial Bathroom Supplies for Schools

toilet partition

School’s out, but that doesn’t mean the maintenance staff isn’t busy. School can be a busy place in the summer because the staff can replace equipment without interruption from children. What’s more, classes aren’t in session so the staff doesn’t have to worry about making any noise. Summer is a good time to review commercial […]

Choosing the Right Material for your Commercial Partition


If you haven’t given much thought to commercial-toilet partitions, think again. Choosing the right material for your commercial bathroom partitions is an important decision that has financial implications for building owners and maintenance teams. Selecting the right commercial partition depends on many factors such as your budget, who uses the restrooms and how easy it […]

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