XLerator Vs Airblade -Thursday, April 7, 2016
With an emphasis on power, efficiency, and sustainability, companies are building bigger and better hand dryers. In an independent article by One Foot Tsunami, the competition to be the best hand dryer on the market has boiled down to only two products. English innovator, Dyson, offers the Airblade, which uses two high-powered streams of air to bead up water and blow it off hands. American stalwart, Excel Dryer, has produced the XLERATOR, which blasts a 150 mph stream of warm air at hands to dry them.
7 Benefits of a Waterless Urinal -Thursday, April 7, 2016
The days of wasteful urinals are over. With the advent of waterless urinals comes the end of wasted energy in restrooms everywhere. Business owners and contractors everywhere are praising the benefits and reaping the rewards of having efficient urinals. For those unfamiliar, a waterless urinal utilizes gravity and an incredibly smooth surface to do the work that used to take up to 3 gallons of water. While this concept may seem foreign and completely unappealing, a waterless urinal eliminates odor by separating waste from air meaning that foul smells will stay in the drains where they belong.
Hand Dryers Vs. Paper Towels -Thursday, April 7, 2016
One of the most debated topics of restroom appliances is the question of which is better? Hand dryers or paper towel dispensers? Every user may have their own personal preference but preference doesn’t play as large a roll for general contractors and businesses. For most professionals, the three most important factors for those actually buying commercial dryers or dispensers are environmental impact, hygiene, and cost. By weighing these three conditions, it becomes clear which appliance is best for nearly
One of the easiest ways to keep any environment such as an office or waiting room both healthy and happy is to provide an adequate water cooler. Keeping people hydrated is important, it’s also important to know the differences between the main types of water coolers so you know which one is best for your environment. We’ve put together some brief overviews on the benefits of each of the common types of water coolers.
If you have a business with a public restroom, have you ever thought that it could actually affect who comes and does not come back to your establishment? Imagine this: So you’ve finally hit the big time. Your dream of owning and operating a fair trade, eco friendly, organic food stand has been realized and has paid off big time. Now here you stand, on the verge of stardom in the organic, fair trade food world, as your first restaurant is only minutes away from opening. The doors open and the crowds come pouring through the doors. The people clamor for your fare and you are ready and willing to appease the people, this is what you have dreamt of, this is what you were made for.
When leaving a restroom in a restaurant or office building, are you willing to try almost anything to avoid touching a very unsanitary door handle? Use a paper towel and then drop it on the floor? Use only one finger behind the handle? Everyone has had these experiences. Now, I. I. Williams LLC offers a solution – a hands-free Sanitary Door Opener. The Opener is a small metal bracket that attaches to a restroom door above the existing handle and allows a person to use one’s forearm to open the door. As the door swings open, the Clean Hands® Opener rotates toward the user, thereby naturally releasing the user’s arm.
Choosing the Best Toilet Partitions -Thursday, April 7, 2016
You’ve probably never looked at a bathroom partition and thought “Where would we be in this world without these amazing things.” If we were to take a bet, we would put solid money down that says you’ve never thought twice about how versatile a bathroom stall really is. However, how many times have these toilet partitions been a life saver? Whether you need to relieve yourself somewhere rather publicly, such as a school, office, restaurant, hospital, or sporting event, or you needed to just change your clothes quickly, toilet partitions are meant to instill a sense of security, making any public space private for a short period of time.
Water Fountains History -Thursday, April 7, 2016
Drinking Fountains are known by a number of various names. For example, some people refer to them as “bubblers,” this is a term that has become a generic terms in several regional dialects of the United States. It originates from the name brand which was originally produced by Kohler Water Works (now Kohler Company) in Kohler, Wisconsin. The original bubbler would shoot water one inch straight up into the air; this produced a bubbling texture in the water, the excess water then ran back down over the sides of the nozzle. Almost a decade later, the bubbler would adopt the arc projection we all know today; this allowed both easier access to the water as well as made it making it more sanitary. The term bubbler is still used in reference to a water fountain throughout parts of Eastern parts of Wisconsin, Australia, in the Portland area of Oregon, and throughout some parts of New England.
Before & After, New XCHANGER KIT -Thursday, April 7, 2016
XLERATOR XLERATOR XLERATOR® high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers are now available with ADA compliant stainless steel paper towel dispenser retrofit kits. The new XLERATOR XCHANGER™ combination kits provide a simple, cost-effective solution for replacing built-in paper towel dispensers with XLERATOR hand dryers. A stainless steel panel allows the dryers to mount neatly where dispensers existed, leaving restrooms clean and green. XLERATOR completely dries hands in 10 to 15 seconds—three times faster than conventional dryers. It uses 80% less energy and delivers a 95% cost savings versus paper towels, while creating a more hygienic restroom.
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