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The Toilet Partitions Help & FAQ Page

Privacy Toilet Partitions vs. Standard Stalls

First of all, even experts need toilet partitions help from time to time! One of the things sometimes forgotten is that Hadrian is one of the top brands out there. Well, not really, it’s pretty well known. But, all of our manufacturers feature either standard toilet stalls heights or privacy series. Hadrian’s Elite series come with gap channels between each panel. This means you can eliminate toilet stall gaps by simply choosing the Elite series. The taller you go for toilet stall height, the more privacy you provide for patrons. 

What is a Toilet Partition? 

So you and your company are remodeling a restroom or preparing to install a full restroom package. Newton Distributing is the industry leader in providing the full restroom package. Toilet partitions are a huge part of your restroom’s requirements. Toilet partitions offer privacy as well as a hygienic product that is aesthetically pleasing. You will need consider the flow of traffic and how many stalls, sinks, dispensers, and hand dryers you will need. This all impacts your project of course. Do not forget, most states require you to install an ADA stall. That is a lot to consider, but we are here to help you along the way. So always feel free to call us directly and our experts will help you out. If you know what you need already, well, then enter your dimensions into our toilet partitions quote builder and get your price in REAL TIME!

Are There Different Toilet Stall Materials?

Common toilet partitions are generally made from steel, laminate, or plastic. You can learn more simply by following the link below and clicking through the tabs.


Wait, I Need Toilet Partitions Help, Do I Install These Myself?

We recommend hiring trained professionals for the installation of your toilet partitions. Of course you can install these on your own if you feel you have the capability. That is up to you, but trusted installers can help avoid headaches. We have a long list of installers across the country, so we can help you find someone if you needed.

Can I Mount My Stalls from the Floor, or Just Ceiling?

Visit the link below to learn more about the mounting options for toilet partitions before you build your quote.

Is There a Standard Size for a Toilet Compartment?

The standard size for a toilet stall is 36 inches wide by 60 inches deep (Generally the average is twice as deep as it is wide).

In regard to height, the minimum door and panel height should be 58 inches. Standard stalls are also mounted at the height of exactly 12 inches off the ground. This means final partition height is precisely 70 inches.

We do offer more privacy options. You will see some of them in our toilet partitions quote builder. If you have questions, you know what to do. Call 877-837-7745 and our experts will help you out.

How Many ADA Stalls Do You Need?

Every state has different regulations to be met when it comes to ADA requirements. Most are very similar but it doesn’t hurt to call someone in your state to learn more.

Generally, to meet ADA approval with a handicap stall, the minimum is at least 60 inches wide by 59 inches deep. The ADA stall can exceed this ADA size if desired. Diagonally across, the space must be at least 60 inches at a minimum. Lastly, ADA stalls must have a door that provides 32″ minimum clearance that opens out into the restroom, instead of into the stall. Different states have different rules though. So do your research or call us for help.

If your bathrooms has a single stall, then it should probably be an ADA compliant stall. Generally, there must be 1 ADA stall. If you have a bathroom with two stalls, then one of those must be ADA compliant. And as you go on with more stalls, there should still be at least one handicap accessible stall in the restroom. 

Ordering Tip:

We use Quote numbers that are automated through our Toilet Partitions Quote Builder. Keep the email and quote number handy when calling in to place your orders. Each restroom (Mens, Womens, Other) should be built on the same project in the quote builder. If you are doing more than one building/project, then please create separate quotes. It seems like more work, but separating the projects helps to keep us and you organized when it comes time to order. If you need to make changes to your project drawings, please do not create another quote. You can update your quote in our builder, but it may be easier and safer to call us and let us modify that quote.

Payment Terms

Most customers choose to pay us with credit card but if you’re interested in a credit line with Newton Distributing, please contact your sales rep for a credit application.

What Should I Do When the Partitions Arrive?

INSPECT your delivery immediately before the driver leaves. Look on the outside and beneath the packaging for signs of damage. If everything looks great, excellent news! If there is minor damage, notate this on the delivery receipt. In the event the shipment is not in the original box, please refuse the shipment. Before installing, inventory all items against the packing list and take pictures of the hardware kits. For missing hardware claims, we will ask for these pictures as proof the item was missing prior to the installation.

Can I Pick Up My Toilet Partitions?

Ask your sales rep when you place the order. It is definitely possible, but sometimes it is more cost efficient to have it shipped.

Do You Offer Overnight Shipping?

Generally, we do not offer expedited shipping as it is cost prohibitive often exceeding the price of the partitions themselves. If you are in need of expedited shipping, you need to call our sales reps. They will need all of your information and time to contact the manufacturer to see if it is possible.


You can also send us a fax of your toilet partition layout to 617-969-4071

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